Hybrid courses are conducted over the Internet EXCEPT for On-Campus sessions specified by the Professor.

Hybrid courses are presented in a unique way designed to give the student an integrated and flexible learning environment using a combination of traditional on-campus classes and the Internet. The two components of this flexible learning environment are:

  • On-campus classes specified by the Professor.

  • Internet content which you will be able to access at anytime with information such as instructions, lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, assignments, and announcements regarding the course. Note that in most cases, the major portion of the course will be conducted via the Internet, and not in the classroom. If you do not have experience with the Internet, you may be more comfortable with a traditional class conducted entirely on-campus.

In order to begin a Hybrid course, you MUST first register through the student self-service SMC registration system at www.smc.edu/admissions/enrollment.htm, and then come to the first day of the course at the location and time specified in the schedule of courses (student ID required). Further class meetings will be announced by the Instructor during the first scheduled class time.

If you are registered for a Hybrid course and do not attend the first class you may be DROPPED. Please do not ask if you can miss a mandatory class meeting and still enroll in a Hybrid course. You must be able to attend all mandatory class meetings, which will meet during the scheduled time of the course.

Hybrid courses require students to be independent learners and strongly motivated. Because of the Internet components of a Hybrid course you must meet all technical requirements for an online course. For additional information regarding the Hybrid course you are interested in taking, please see the faculty Web site of the Professor teaching the course.

Thank you for your interest in Santa Monica College and the Department of CSIS Hybrid Courses.