The NASA Curriculum Improvement Partnership Award
for Integration of Research 
Summer Fellowships for SMC Faculty and Students at NASA's JPL

Faculty: to apply please visit  Link to Faculty Project plan  and email Darwiche_Jinan AT
Faculty deadline is March 14 2013.

Students:  Deadline to apply is March 12 2013.
Email the application​ to              

(CIPAIR) grant was awarded to SMC's CSIS department on October 2010 and is on going till October 2013.
This project aims to promote undergraduate research in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. It offers Summer Fellowships for SMC faculty and students @ JPL.
The grant supports financial awards for faculty and students as they get involved in research activities at JPL. The Summer Fellowship program supports both faculty and students.

Faculty receive a $12,000 stipend while students receive $5000 for their summer work of 9-10 weeks at JPL.
  • For Summer 2013, there are four available openings for Faculty from SMC. Each faculty should be joined by at least one student. This will be the final session that faculty and students receive financial support from the CIPAIR grant. After this summer, applications are still welcome but other funding sources need to be allocated.
  • In Summer 2012 four faculty and three students​ completed the fellowships program at JPL: Professors Vicki Drake, Richard Lavallee, Abdi Majlessi, and David Morgan. Students were Arleena Faith, Isaac Morris, and Ivan Rodrigues-Pinto.
  • In Summer 2011 four SMC faculty completed a fellowship program at JPL: 
    Professors Alessandro Grippo and Stuart Cooley from the Earth Sciences department, 
    Professor Ethan Gallogly from the Chemistry department, and Professor Steve Paik from the Physics department.

  • Professor Alessandro Grippo is a co-author on a to-be-published paper as a result of his work while at JPL July-August 2011.