The CSIS Department offers free tutoring in BUS 231 to all currently enrolled CSIS students. Walk-in tutoring is available for both online and on ground classes. Please see the schedule below for availability.

View the full CSIS Tutoring Schedules.


  • The tutor will help with a single step of your assignment but will not do your assignment for you.

  • Check the schedule for classes that the tutor can help you with.

  • Sign up for tutoring on the signup sheet.

  • Tutoring is limited to 10 minutes per student signed up.

  • Have the work in progress up on your computer monitor when the tutor is available to help you.

  • If you need help with another step of your assignment, you must sign up again on the signup sheet.

  • While the tutor will try to help every student on the signup list, there is no guarantee that the tutor will get to every student on the list.

  • For CIS classes tutors will only help you with the end-of-chapter problems if you can show proof that you have completed the in-chapter work.