The Communication Studies discipline was formerly titled Speech.

The Communication Studies program offers students courses that combine theory and application in many areas of the discipline. These courses encourage our students to apply conceptual material to daily interactions in a variety of communication contexts. In addition, our discipline provides a wide range of course offerings in the Communication Studies major.

  • Oral Communication focuses on the skills and knowledge needed for creating effective and appropriate public communication skills.  Students completing courses in oral communication gain practical skills in researching, developing and presenting ideas and arguments in a variety of contexts preparing them for upper division, workplace, and personal presentations. 

  • Communication Theory focuses on human communication theory, especially as it relates to the interpersonal and/or group levels of communication. Students completing courses in the communication theory area learn theoretical knowledge to prepare them for transfer into communication studies programs at the university and practical communication skills to improve their own interpersonal effectiveness.

For more information, view the PDF file Communication Studies Course of Study and our Current Class Schedule.