The Media Studies discipline makes up the formerly titled disciplines of Communication and Broadcasting.

The Media Studies program at Santa Monica College focuses on the analysis of the mass media. Media Studies courses use an analytical and historical approach, and students develop skills to assess the role and impact of mass media on society. For example, courses analyze the historical changes in the media’s representation of social class, gender, and race. Students examine the history, values, and structure of media in the US and internationally. Media literacy skills are another fundamental component of Media Studies Courses. Upon successful completion of our Media Studies courses, each student should leave as a media literate individual – a more aware, critical audience member with a well-developed sense of mass media’s role in society

The Media Production program provides hands-on training in the areas of Television and Radio Broadcasting, including broadcast news, sports, promotional videos and short form media. Students completing the Broadcasting degrees and/or certificates are prepared for both employment opportunities in the broadcasting industry and transfer into four-year degree programs. The Promo Pathways program provides intensive training and internships for students pursuing promo advertising careers.​

For information on the program and courses offered, view the Media Studies Course of Study our Current Class Schedules.