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Santa Monica College|Academic Programs|Communication|Media Studies

Media Studies

The Media Studies discipline makes up the formerly titled disciplines of Communication and Broadcasting.
The Media Studies program offers three core courses:

Media Studies 1 (Survey of Mass Media) introduces students to mass media and mass communication studies. In this class, students survey mass media, such as newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet, and explore the impact of mass media on individuals and society. Students are also introduced to media research, media theories, and media processes and effects. Communication 1 is UC and CSU transferable.
Media Studies 10 (Journalism, Gender, and Race) introduces students to issues of gender, race, and class and the media. Students analyze and debate the historical changes in the media’s coverage of wars, civil disturbances, social events, sports and column writing with particular focus on social class, gender, and race. Communication 10 is UC and CSU transferable. It also meets both the Santa Monica College Global Citizenship Requirement and the UC Berkeley American Cultures graduation requirement.
Media Studies 2 (Reading Media: Acquiring Basic Media Literacy Skills) is our newest addition to the Communication program.  Using multiple resources including library databases, students learn to identify the creator(s) of media texts, and analyze how the identity of the creator(s) affects the messages contained therein. Through close analysis of media texts, students determine what values are represented; what has been left out, and why the message is being sent.

Upon successfully completion of our three core Media Studies courses, each student should leave a media literate individual--a more aware, critical audience member with a well-developed sense of mass media’s role in society.

Current Media Studies courses.