Textbooks and complete, pre-packaged student kits are available for purchase on campus at the Santa Monica College Bookstore. They may also be ordered online through the SMC Bookstore.

Students must bring the required books, kits and materials to class on the first day of class. Most kits that are required for use in the beginning classes are also required for use in the advanced classes. Additionally, all Cosmetology students are required to have a doll head clamp which is approximately $25 and available at the SMC Bookstore.

Tuition: Class enrollment fees are on a per-unit basis. Current fee information can be found on the SMC Enrollment website and also in the class schedule.

Additional Costs: (total costs for textbooks, student kits, and incidentals)
Cosmetology Students - Approximately $3,000
Skin Care Students – Approximately $700
Nail Care Students – Approximately $400