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If you have a Counseling 20 packet, Blank Ed Plan Forms are available for your use.

Also, here are two additional versions of the Ed Plan Form.

Blank Ed Plan Form (Word-enter text into the document) 
Blank Ed Plan Form  (PDF-complete the document by hand)


Helpful Documents

These documents may help you complete your ed plan:



Questions?  Be sure to ask your instructor!



The Basics


What does Educational Planning mean? 

  • For this assignment, it means identifying and then planning out the SMC classes you'll need to reach your educational goal


  • In other words:


    • Which SMC courses do you need for your goal?
    • In what order do you take them?  

Educational planning can be important for your future.  Planning the classes you need for a Certificate of Achievement, Department Certificate, AA Degree or Transfer can help motivate you and get you to your goals with more direction.

For this assignment, you will:

  1. Identify the SMC courses needed for your educational goal
  2. Identify any prerequisite courses required (a prerequisite is a course needed before taking the next course.  Ex.: Spanish 1 is the prerequisite for Spanish 2)
  3. Plan your courses for two future terms
  4. Meet with a counselor* who will check your plan to be sure it's correct and sign the final corrected plan.   This step is not required for all classes--check with your instructor.




1.  Select ONE Educational Goal below. 
2.  Then, read ALL of the mini-lectures for that goal.  (Don't worry!  Most are short!)
The mini-lectures will:
  • Give you the information YOU needed about eduational planning. 
  • Guide you through filling out your Ed Plan Form, section by section. 
  • Goal:  SMC Certificate:  FIVE Mini-Lectures--click on each link.


  • Goal:  SMC Associate's Degree:  SIX Mini-Lectures--click on each link.
  • Goal: Transfer for a Bachelor's Degree at a UC or CSU:  SEVEN Mini-Lectures--click on each link.


  • Educational Goal: Transfer for a Bachelor's Degree at a Private or Out-of-State School:  SEVEN Mini-Lectures--click on each link.


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To learn even more about how to complete your Ed Plan form, click on the following links:
  1. PART I: Collect Information
  2. PART II: Complete the Ed Plan Form
  3. PART III: Meet with a Counselor
For individual assistance with your Ed Planning Assignment, see a Counseling 20 Peer Mentor!