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Educational Planning

Welcome to Educational Planning!


What does Educational Planning mean? 

  • For this assignment, it means identifying and then planning out the SMC classes you'll need to reach your educational goal
  • In other words, which SMC courses do you need and in what order? 

Educational planning can be important to help you create your future. Planning the classes you will need to reach your educational goal of a Certificate of Achievement, Department Certificate, AA Degree or Transfer can help motivate you and get you to your life goals with more direction.

For this assignment, you will:

  1. Identify the SMC courses needed for your educational goal
  2. Identify any prerequisite courses required (a prerequisite is a course needed before taking the next course.  Ex.: Spanish 1 is the prerequisite for Spanish 2)
  3. Plan your courses for two future terms
  4. Meet with a counselor* who will check your plan for recommendations/corrections, then sign the final plan (not required for all classes). 

*Note: For most classes, meeting with a counselor will be the required last step in your Ed Planning. However, it may be very helpful for you to meet with a counselor beforehand to talk about educational planning and explore your options.

To learn more about how to create YOUR Ed Plan, click on the following links:

  1. PART I: Collect Information
  2. PART II: Complete the Ed Plan Form
  3. PART III: Meet with a Counselor

Blank Ed Plan Form (Word-enter text in the document) 
Blank Ed Plan Form  (PDF-print)

For individual assistance with your Ed Planning Assignment, see a Counseling 20 Peer Mentor!

 Counseling 20 Fall 2013 Mentor Flyer.docCounseling 20 Fall 2013 Mentor Flyer.doc