What majors are considered to be STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields of study encompass a wide array of majors and careers. ​Please visit the STEM areas of interest page for a more detailed list.

What if I am taking Math 20 during the semester I apply to the program?

That is fine. You should be Math 20 eligible by the Fall semester you start the program.

Will this help me get into colleges?

Nothing is a guarantee, but any major specific, extra curricular and academic assistance programs can only enhance a student's chances for admission.

What is the time commitment for the STEM Programs?

Please visit our SRI Program page for a breakdown of requirements and activities.

Do I have to be in the program to meet with a STEM counselor?

No. Any STEM student can make a preliminary appointment with a STEM Counselor. Please visit our counseling page for details on how to make an appointment.

What are the benefits of the STEM Program?

  • Priority registration for classes & select STEM courses.

  • Science-focused transfer counseling, student orientations, & workshops.

  • Peer mentors, internship opportunities, lectures, & activities.

  • Free STEM tutoring.

  • STEM Scholarships.

Can I apply to the STEM Program even if I have a lot of units?

Yes. Number of units completed do not matter, what matters is that you will be enrolled at SMC for at least 1.5-2 more years.

Can I apply to the STEM Program if I am a nursing major?


Can I get priority enrollment if I am part of the STEM Program?


Can CA Dream Students participate in the SRI Program?


Can I participate even if I already have a Bachelor’s Degree?

No. Unfortunately, due to strict federal funding guidelines, only students pursuing their first degree are eligible.

Can I be in First Year Programs and Services, Scholars, Black Collegians, Adelante Program, or any other student service program, and still be a part of STEM?


​Who can I talk to if I am interested in learning more about the program?

Visit our contact page for location, phone and email information. We look forward to hearing from you.

How can I get involved even if I am not a part of the program?

Visit the student resources page on our website to explore all the ways you can get involved.