SMC will host FREE Math Success Intensives to help our students succeed in Math 31 and 50 classes. These workshops will allow students to work in small groups with a faculty member and student tutor to gain the math skills that you will need to excel in your next math class.

Save time and money by allowing SMC math faculty and student math tutors to prepare you for success!

Workshop Information - Fall 2018

Every Friday*, starting Week 3

Time: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Place: MC 82/83

Final Review Session: Friday, December 7, 2018, 1pm-3pm in MC 82/83

*See schedule and weekly topics below.

Math 50 Workshop Flyer​

Math 31 Workshops Flyer​

​​​Workshop Schedule - Fall 2018

(MC 83)
(MC 82)
3 09/14/18 Problem Solving Ratios, Percent, Exponents, Order of Operations, and Scientific Notation 
4 09/21/18 Graphing Linear Equations/Slope-Intercept Form of the Equation of a Line Solving Linear Equations in One Variable
5 09/28/18 Linear Inequalities in Two Variables Solving (Stats) Formulas and Solving Problems (Proportion & Percent) 
6 10/05/18 Systems of Linear Equations Intro to Stats (definitions, sampling methods, and type of studies)
7 10/12/18 Exponents and Polynomials Frequency Tables, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Two-Way Tables, Histograms
8 10/19/18 Dividing Polynomials by Binomials Measures of Center, and Measures of Spread
9 10/26/18 Factoring Boxplots, and Graphing Equations of Lines
10 11/02/18 Simplifying, Multiplying, and Dividing Rational Expressions Rate of Change and Slope of a Line, and Find an Equation of a Line
11 11/09/18 Adding/Subtracting Rational Expressions and Complex Rational Expressions Scatterplots, Associations, and Modeling Linear Associations 
12 11/16/18 Solving Rational Equations and Applications Integer and Rational Exponents, and Exponential Functions
13 11/23/18 Thanksgiving Holiday - CAMPUS CLOSED Thanksgiving Holiday - CAMPUS CLOSED
14 11/30/18 Roots and Radicals Logarithmic Functions, and System of Equations
15 12/07/18 Solving Quadratic Equations Solving Systems of Equations by Matrices
12/0​7/18 --- 1pm-3pm