The mission of the STEM Peer Mentor Program is to promote student success through collaborative involvement with fellow students and the STEM/SRI program team. With the encouragement and support of peer mentors, current STEM students will increase their engagement with colleagues and campus resources while gaining a clearer understanding of their learning needs.


Students can request to meet one-on-one during a Peer Mentor's scheduled office hours, via email, through Canvas discussion boards or by attending their respective workshops. 
Download the Fall 2017 Peer Mentoring Schedule.

If you have any questions or require more information, contact the STEM office at stem@smc.edu

Meet the Peer Mentors


Evan Santiago

Major: Engineering 

Hey there folks!!! My name is Evan, and I am mostly known for my enthusiasm, high energy, and love for all things nerdy (and pie..I LOVE pie). Before becoming an engineering student here at SMC, I attended/graduated from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and led the finance team of a health food start-up called Back to the Roots, in addition to private consulting in product development (and a volunteer firefighters, 'cause why not?).

Education and helping students is an extremely important part of my life, and I participate in many organizations/programs aimed at mentoring and assisting students both here at SMC and through UC Berkeley.

I'd love to learn about you and what makes you tick, so please come visit me!


Elizabeth Kimura

Major: Computer Science

Hi! My name is Elizabeth,  During the summer, I had an internship with JPL where I created a website that will analyze data from a telescope that is currently being built. I like to shop for shoes and eat In-N-Out.


Sarah Eldin

Major: Engineering

Hi! My name is Sarah, I am applying to transfer this Fall. I participated in the 2015 STEM UCLA undergraduate research, where I worked in a Neuroscience lab for the summer. Currently, I am working on a cubesat internship that is expected to launch in Fall 2018.

Area of expertise: time management, taking notes, study techniques for math, physics, or chemistry. 


Jesse Torres

Major: Aerospace Engineering 

Hello everyone. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I am part of Cohort 4 of the STEM/SRI program.  Some of my interests include interstellar travel, ion propulsion, orbital mechanics, and time travel. I love to take pictures of the sky and I'm very into old school hip hop and many different genres of music. In my STEM experience, I had the awesome opportunity to take part of an educational internship called Jet Propulsion Laboratory Undergraduate Scholars(JPLUS), in which I had the opportunity to meet engineers and scientist of different backgrounds and disciplines. During the summer of 2017, I was part of the STEM Summer Research Initiative (SRI). I conducted research in Applied Mathematics at UCLA in a subject called Myco-fluidics, which is fungal biology and fluid dynamics. This was an unforgettable experience and I am currently still doing research in this laboratory. I am very good at building networks and I have a strong sense of urgency which has in turn helped me with my time management skills. Some of my hobbies are skating, music, driving, hiking, photography, and six flags!


Tehreem Raza

​​​Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hi! My name is Tehreem. I just recently started my internship at the USC- Liquid Propulsion Lab and will be applying for transfer this fall. 

Area of expertise: Note taking in Math.


​​Cristobal Zamorano

Major: Statistics/Mathematics

My name is Cristobal and I'm from Chile. I'm very interested in Software Engineering and Data Science. 

I see myself in the future working in a Tech company or pursuing a Master's Degree/ Ph.D. in an area related to Machine Learning and A.I. Hopefully the next summer I will be joining the STEM SRI Summer Research Experience. 

My favorite school subjects are Math and Chemistry. I'm good at taking notes, time management skills, syllabi strategies, and test preparation tips. 

I often think about two things: first, the infinite potential of humans to evolve, and second that humans will always pursue their own meaning of freedom as long as they believe in their dreams. Computers and technology just make the action of dreaming easier due to the unlimited possibilities people can do with technology. Cheers!


Monica Campos

Major: Biochemistry 

I had the chance to participate in the UCLA/SMC SRI program where I interned at the MacDonald Medical Research Laboratory. Having the opportunity to work in a research lab last year gave me an insight on how research labs work and it also showed me how to take more efficient notes. As of right now, I am a Care Extend er at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital and volunteer at Michelson Found Animals in Culver City in my free time. I've also been lucky enough to receive the J. Stanley Brode Memorial Scholarship Award, Crawford's Coronettes Memorial, and Harry Markowitz Memorial scholarship.


Carlos Santiago

Major:  Chemistry

Hello! My name is Carlos. I am a first generation college student born in Mexico (DREAMer). I was a member of the Santa Monica College Cross Country and Track & Field team before switching over to the STEM/SRI team. I am a former Center for Community College Program (CCCP) scholar. During the summer of 2015, I participated in UCLA's CCCP SITE program. A year later I became a STEM skills week tutor before becoming a tutor in the STEM lab. I am also a former Chem Boot Camp tutor where I assisted Chemistry instructors during their supplementary lectures. This past spring, I had the opportunity to assist Professor Tram with her Engineering 1 class. During this past summer, I participated in STEM's Summer Research Initiative (SRI) program which gave me the opportunity to conduct research at UCLA's Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. I joined Dr. Jose Rodriguez Bio-Architecture group and my summer research project focused on solving the atomic structures of filament-forming segments from ice nucleating proteins. Currently, I am a tutor in the STEM lab and continue to do research with Dr. Jose Rodriguez. Outside of STEM, I have been involved with the I.D.E.A.S at SMC club in efforts to provide a safe environment for the undocumented AB540 community on campus.  Some of my hobbies include recreational running/hiking, watchin g movies, and playing sports.  I enjoy networking with people, getting involved, and helping others.