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​​​For SMC Spring 2017 Dance classes​, please click here. For SMC Spring 2017 Dance History and Appreciation classes, Please click here.

All classes are open for students to enroll; the only courses requiring audition are the two performance classes Dance 55A (Contemporary Dance Ensemble) and Dance 57A (World Dance Company).

SMC Dance Department offers six different technique levels of ballet and modern dance. Each course is a continuum of the previous one.  Level 1 is designed for the beginning dancer and instructs students on dancer placement and basics, level two continues to strengthen the beginning level dancer, Levels 3, 4, 5,& 6 are for students who have had at least one year of technical and artistic training at SMC or come to the college with previous training. Students usually take the first week of class to find the appropriate level for their training. 

Lecture Courses


  • American Culture in Dance History Dance 2
  • Dance History Dance 5
  • Dance Production Dance 7
  • Music for Dance ​ 9



  • Beginning Modern Dance 41,42
  • Intermediate Dance 43,44
  • Advanced Dance 45,46


commercial dance 

  • Jazz Dance 14, 15, 16
  • Tap Dance 17, 18
  • Ballroom Dance 19



  • Contemporary Dance  55A
  • Contemporary Repertory Dance 55B
  • Contemporary Stage Techniques Dance 55C
  • World Dance  57A
  • World Dance Repertory Dance 57B
  • World Stage Techniques Dance 57C

World Dance

world dance 

  • Ethnic Dance Survey Dance 20
  • Asian Dance 21
  • Mexican Dance 22, 23
  • Flamenco Dance 24
  • African Dance 25
  • Brazilian Dance 27
  • Middle Eastern/North African Dance 29



  • Beginning Dance 60,61
  • Intermediate/Advanced Dance 63,64


ballet class photo 3.jpg

  • Beginning Ballet Dance 31,32
  • Intermediate Dance 33,34
  • Advanced Dance 35,36

Dance Teacher Training

ballet class photo 4.jpg

  • Dance Teacher Training Dance 75
  • Dance for Children/Creative (Pre K and ELEMENTARY Classroom) Dance 76
  • Independent Study Dance 88A and 88B
  • Travel to New York City Dance 90
  • Internship Dance 90
  • Teaching Methodology for the Dance Class (pending approval)
  • Dance Teacher Certificate (pending approval)