Do I need to audition to be a dance major?

While there is no audition to declare a dance major, you are expected to enter with and maintain adequate technical proficiency to progress through the curriculum. You must maintain at least a C average for classes to count towards the dance major.

Do I need to audition to perform?

Yes. The Dance Department has two pre-professional companies: Synapse Dance Theater and Global Motion World Dance Company. At the beginning of each semester, dancers who are interested in being considered for the ensemble, or who are interested in auditioning work as a choreographer, must attend the audition. Learn more about auditions.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. Proper attire should allow for viewing alignment of the body. Ballet students should wear a black leotard (women) or black tank top (men), and pink/black tights. Ballet shoes with elastics are required, with hair neatly secured away from face/neck.

For all other technique courses students should dress in all black. Fitted athletic wear with no logos is appropriate. Please contact your instructor for requirements individual to the class (such as tap shoes, etc.)

How do I know which class to enroll in? Do I have a Dance Adviser?

Every dance major is assigned a dance adviser who is available to assist students in choosing the appropriate course(s) to enroll in based on stuent study plan and goals. Students are assigned an adviser based on their last name. Dance Adviser Assignments for Fall 2017 are:

Student Last NameAdviser
A through HJae Lee,,
(310) 434-4316
I through QMark Tomasic,,
(310) 434-8763
R through ZVanessa Van Wormer,,
(310) 434-4865

It is up to the student to arrange to meet with your adviser at the beginning of every semester to discuss your individualized plan. Every dance major should fill out a Dance Major Guidance Form available in the Dance Department.

A schedule of classes is also available online. Check out our description of courses to find out which class is right for you.

How long will it take me earn an AA in dance?

The Dance Major is designed to be completed in four semesters (two years). It is possible to complete your degree faster if you also take classes during the winter/summer semesters. You will work with your dance adviser to determine the best time frame for your transfer and career goals.

Are there any other certificates, designations to be earned?

Yes. In addition to the AA in Dance, our department also offers a Teacher of Dance Pre-K-5 Certificate. Additional certificate programs are in development.

Does the Dance Department have study abroad programs?

Our department has a variety of travel study tour options. Our performance ensembles Global Motion World Dance Company and Synapse Contemporary Dance Ensembles have toured throughout California and Mexico for more than 30 years, with recent performances in Beijing, China; Bracciano, Italy, and Santiago, Chile.

Students also can experience dance in New York City over spring break by enrolling in Dance in NYC.