Required Forms for Applying for a Child Development Permit
Required form 1: ​Child Development Permit Process Checklist-OPEN FIRST and Print Out-ESP members Checklist for CD Permit Application.pdf
Required form 2:Complete ​Application 41- 4 online then print it out - DO NOT DATE THE APPICATION--  Application 41-4.pdf
Required Form 3: Livescan Form 41-LS--Livescan 41-LS.pdf
Required Form 4: ECE Authorization Form--ECE-Authorization_for_release.pdf
Required Form 5: Transcript Request Form--TranscriptRequestForm-PERMIT.pdf
-->Verification of Employment, If applicable --Verification of Experience.pdf
  Submit the above 5 required forms to Michelle Aragon, Bundy 3rd Floor / 310-434-8109  by November 6th.December 12, 2013