The Child Development Training Consortium (CDTC) is a statewide program funded by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division (CDE/CDD) with Federal Block Grant Child Care and Development Quality Improvement Funds. The Yosemite Community College District administers the program. The program was created in 1982 to address the critical shortage of qualified childcare workers in the state of California. The demand for qualified workers continues to grow. The program also supports the professional growth and development of those already working in the field.
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Eligible Santa Monica College ECE students can apply each semester for tuition reimbursement for college fees. The general eligibility requirements are:

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If you can answer YES to the following questions, you may be eligible to receive $$for taking classes here at Santa Monica College

1)      I am an Early Childhood Education Major.

2)      I am enrolled in at least 3 units of Early Childhood Education  or GE classes 

3)      I am  presently working (must be in a paid position) in a licensed child care center, an after-school program or a licensed family home childcare  with children 5 years or younger.

Programs include:​​​​

  • Child Care Center, Public or Private
  • Before and After School Program
  • Preschool Center
  • Infant and Toddler Program
  • Head Start
  • Children's Center
  • Family Day Care
  • Elementary T.A. (Kindergarten only)
  • Read the Instruction Sheet on How to Complete the Application below for details on where and how to apply
  • Complete the  Student  / CDD Profile online
  • Print out the completed Profile
  • Take to your employer for employment verication
  • Submit completed Signed by employer Profile, along with your transaction receipt(s)  by the deadline to Bundy Third Floor ( if you are unable to physically bring the required paperwork you may mail it to
    • Santa Monica College  1900 Pico Blvd   Santa Monica, California 90405  Attn: Laura Manson
  • Reimbursement for units completed with a grade  of "C" or better. will be paid by check sent to each student's address as posted in ISIS/ Corsair Connect, approximately 3 weeks after the grades have been posted, at the end of each semester
      Required Process for Reimbursement $$$     
It explains what you need to do to submit the paperwork
    ​Documentation Submission Timeline ​
    Bring your Employer Signed Profile and Transaction Receipt(s)
    Summer / Fall Due: October 5,  2016
    Winter / Spring ​Due:  March 27, 2017 Extended due date
    For further information, contact the CDTC Coordinator:
    Laura Manson - Weingarten
    Bundy 317A