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Early Childhood/Education Counselor Angelica Hermosillo

Early Childhood/Education Counselor Lisa Battaglia

Why see a counselor?

Students meet with a counselor for a variety of reasons. Many students want information regarding educational planning for certificates, AA degree, and transfer. Other students want to discuss strategies to help improve academic performance. While others, want information to assist them in financing their education.

Whatever the reason, know that we look forward to working with you to help you succeed. Please call (310) 434-3446 to schedule an appointment.

Academic Information

Please see below for links to access requirement information for various programs.

Academic Support

The Education/ECE Department is committed to your success. Make sure to take advantage of the various programs below to help you achieve your educational goal. For example, if you are taking an ECE class, make sure to visit the Teachers Resource Room for Tutoring. Similarly, when taking a math class, make sure to take advantage of all of the math support services – tutoring, math workshops, supplemental instruction, etc. Lastly, Counseling 20 is a great class to improve your study skills – time management, test taking and note skills, learning style and more.

Other Student Support Services

Financial Assistance

Students often mention financial issues as the number one reason for not accomplishing their academic goals. The links below are geared to help you become familiar with the various forms of financial assistance that exist to help you.

Career Information

Students often ask what they can do with a major in ECE. Students with a background in child development can pursue professional opportunities in many related fields including teaching, social services, producing children's films, books and magazines, educational television, children's toys and educational software. Graduates may also work in community and support services as home visitors and child advocates at the local, state or national level. Please use the Career Center link below for assistance in searching for jobs, creating or updating a resume and cover letter, and sharpening job interviewing skills.

Other Links