SMC Early Childhood/Education Policy for students in Practicum Courses

Program Policy as of February 2016

Practicum students are REQUIRED to have the following:

Current TB test and Livescan completed at SMC (instructions below)

TB Test

Information about getting your TB test done at SMC:

SMC Health Services Center SMC Student Health Center Webpage

Location: Northeast corner of the Cayton
Center Complex (by the cafeteria)

Contact Information: 310-434-4262 (during business hours)

In order to have your TB test completed at the SMC Health Services Center, you must:

  • Be enrolled

  • Pay the SMC health fee

Test procedure

TB test appointments are being offered on:

  • Mondays and Tuesdays, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

  • You must bring a photo ID and $5 cash to pay for the procedure.

  • After the TB test has been administered, you must return 48 hours later to have the test results read by the health practitioner.

  • Bring the TB test form to your practicum instructor.


To get your Livescan completed by the SMC campus police, follow these instructions:

Step One

See Michelle Aragon,ECE Adminstrative Assistant ECE front desk or classroom presentation

Step Two

Complete the form

Step Three

Go to the Auxiliary Office (1738 Pearl Street) Pay for a livescan $34.00 - Save your receipt

Step Four

Go to Campus Police (1718 Pearl Street) during the followwing Hours:
Monday through Friday
10 - 11 a.m.
2- 3 p.m.

Step Five

Give the completed livescan form and your receipt from auxiliary services to the police front desk assistant A cadet or police officer will facilitate the fingerprinting process

Step Six

Bring a copy of your livescan form to your practicum instructor

Step Seven

Keep a copy in your file for future use.