About the Transitional Kindergarten Program

Immerse yourself in an interactive, experiential learning environment that trains you to teach Transitional Kindergarten or TK. Transitional Kindergarten is a publicly funded early childhood education program designed for 4-year-olds who turn 5 between September 2 and December 2. This specialized program provides a bridge between preschool and kindergarten, after which children transition to a kindergarten classroom.

Early childhood professionals support children’s ability to:

  • Learn
  • Be self-confident and have high self-esteem
  • Have positive social skills
  • Develop a sense of empathy

Transitional Kindergarten is part of the California K-12 public school system, modeled after a modified kindergarten curriculum that is age and developmentally appropriate. As a TK teacher, you must meet the credential requirements to teach kindergarten in the K-12 system. In addition to your credential, you will need a minimum of 24 units in early childhood education to teach in public education settings.

Our TK certificate program incorporates a combination of standards including the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten and the California Department of Education’s Preschool Learning Foundations. These curricula help shape children’s early academic, social and emotional skills as well as impact self-confidence and cooperation.

The TK pathway at Santa Monica College provides you with a well-rounded education designed to help you meet early childhood education unit requirements, which include on-site observations and fieldwork hours.

Degrees and Certificates

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Gain the skills needed to excel in your desired field without completing general education requirements.

Estimated Timeline:
1+ years, 24+ units

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24 units

The goal of the Transitional Kindergarten certificate is to provide a strand of unit bearing curriculum specifically designed to meet the needs of current Transitional Kindergarten (TK) teachers as well as Multiple Subject credential holders needing the Early Childhood unit required to be a TK teacher.

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Job Title Typical Education Median Wage
Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education Some College $31,515
Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education Bachelor's Degree $69,146