Where is the Noncredit ESL office?​​​​​

The Noncredit Registration office is at the SMC Bundy Campus- at 3171 Bundy Drive, Room 112 in Los Angeles, CA 900​​​66. The phone number is (310) 434-3399. The office is open Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 pm.

Who can take free noncredit ESL classes?​

Anyone who is 18 or older can take these free ESL classes. If you have an international student visa (F1 visa), you shou​​ld consult the International Education Center (IEC) to inquire about ESL classes for international students  IntlEd@smc.edu Phone: (310) 434-4217. F1 Visa students are not eligible to enroll in noncredit classes.

What is the difference between noncredit and credit ESL classes?​​​​

Noncredit ESL offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced ESL classes. There is no charge to take these classes.  In noncredit ESL, you will practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You will take tests and do some writing, but the focus is on learning and improving your English and meeting your goals. Noncredit ESL courses help you develop the English skills you need to be successful as a community member, parent, or member of the workforce. They can also prepare you to take college classes. Noncredit ESL classes do not award college credit or units, so there are no grades. Noncredit ESL courses are open enrollment. This means that students can join the classes any time during the term.

Credit ESL courses earn units/credit and are designed for students who want to earn a college degree or certificate or transfer to a university. Credit ESL courses  focus more on academic reading and writing for college and students earn a grade. Students must pay tuition and there are deadlines to register for classes.

How can I register for and enroll in noncredit ESL classes?​​​

You will need to complete the application form  and register for the next scheduled ESL Intake Orientation.  If you have an SMC student ID number you may register for the orientation by phone (310) 434-3399, or in person. If you do not have an SMC ID number, you will need to come to the office to register in person. After registering, you can sign up for the next available orientation.

What happens at the Intake Orientation?​​​

Intake orientations are held at 3171 Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90066. Plan to arrive early and spend at least two and a half hours here. You will learn more about the classes and the program, and you will take an assessment to determine your ESL level.  The noncredit counselor will review your placement and recommend the right classes for you. After attending the orientation, you may enroll for your Noncredit ESL classes in Bundy 112.

The semester already started. Is it too late to register for classes?​

Classes in the noncredit ESL program are open entry/open exit. This means that students can join the class at any time during the semester as long as there is space available in the class.

What if the class I want is full?​​

If the class you want is full, put your name and contact information on the waitlist. The instructor will contact you when space becomes available.

How much are the noncredit ESL classes?​​

The classes are free. However, students must purchase their own textbooks and materials. Books usually cost $30-$50.

Where can I buy the textbooks?​​

You can buy the textbooks at the SMC bookstore at the Main Campus or you can purchase the books online.

Where are the noncredit ESL classes held?​​

All noncredit ESL courses are held at the Bundy Campus at 3171 Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90066.

How many classes can I take?​​​

Students can take any noncredit ESL class that is offered at their level (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced). However, students cannot register for two sections of the same class.

What if my schedule changes and I need to stop studying or change my class schedule?​​​

Let the instructor know if your schedule changes or you have to stop studying.  Counselors will  help you change your class schedule when possible.

What if I have to miss class?​​

Students should always let their instructor know if they need to miss class. Students who do not attend class regularly may be dropped.

I want to become a United States citizen.  Do you have citizenship classes?​​​

We have a free  ESL citizenship course on Mondays and Wednesdays 6-8pm. Students in this class prepare for the USCIS Citizenship test. The course is free and course materials are provided. Register in Bundy 112 or in the classroom.

How do I move from one level to the next?​​

Your teacher will determine when your English abilities are at the appropriate level for you to be promoted to the next level of instruction. Teachers use information from test scores, student learning outcomes for the level, class assignments, attendance, and other  criteria to decide if students are ready to be promoted to the next level.

What are progress indicators?​​

At the end of every term, student progress in the course will be marked with progress indicators. Progress indicators are P for Pass, SP for Satisfactory Progress, and NP for No Pass. Students who have satisfactorily completed the course and are ready to move to the next level earn a P (Pass).  Students who have made satisfactory progress but are not yet ready to move to the next level earn a SP(Satisfactory Progress). Students who have not demonstrated any progress earn a NP (No Pass).

What is Noncredit ESL Priority Registration?​​

Priority registration is for students who are currently taking noncredit ESL classes and want to register for classes the next semester. Current students can get priority registration for the next semester when they: 

  1. Complete or update their Noncredit Education Plan with the Counselor.

  2. Attend class for at least  40 hours

  3. Complete CASAS post-test.

18. What about parking?​​ 

Parking is free for students at Bundy Campus. Students must register their car online to qualify for free parking. 

What if I need extra help outside of class?​​​

The noncredit ESL program offers free tutoring to students Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12:30-1:30 pm. Check Bundy 112 for more  information.

Are non-students allowed to visit the classes?​​

For liability and safety reasons, visitors are not allowed in the classes. Everyone who attends class must be registered and enrolled.

Do you provide child care?​​

Child care is not provided on site. The noncredit counselor may be able to connect you with childcare options in the community .

I have special needs.  What should I do?​​

Let the counselor know of any special needs you have in the orientation. The counselor will help you connect with Disabled Student Services to arrange for any necessary accommodations.

Do you provide attendance verification for au pairs?​​

The SMC noncredit ESL program does not provide attendance verification for au pairs. If you are an au pair who needs attendance verification, consult the SMC Community Education office.​