The ESL Dept is looking for individuals who possess the training and/or experience that would provide the knowledge and abilities to perform the job successfully.

Minimum qualifications include:  completion of at least 12 units of college coursework in TESL, linguistics, English (including grammar, writing and reading), and/or a foreign language; or a  B.A. in TESL, linguistics, English, or a foreign language; or completion of a TESL or TEFL certificate or M.A.; and experience tutoring students in college-level English.

The typical tasks that IA's perform are:

work one-on-one with students explaining concepts, principles, and terminology of ESL grammar, writing, and reading; explain homework assignments; review students' completed assignments to determine specific learning skills and needs; assess students' speaking, listening, reading, and writing skill needs and provide specialized instruction; and maintain written and electronic records associated with tutoring sessions.  Occasionally, they may be asked to lead conversation groups, assist instructors in their classrooms, or meet with students in a computer lab.  See the Personnel Commission for salary schedule and official minimum qualifications and duties.

Janet Harclerode, Tutoring Program Faculty Leader