For information about English course sequence or individual courses in each program, please consult the

SMC Catalog or a current Schedule of Classes may be acc.

English Programs include:

Transfer students in the major who wish to qualify for the associate of Arts (AA) degree should complete the requirements for either the Liberal Arts major of the General Science major.  Additional graduation requirements for the AA degree are listed in the Academics section of the SMC catalog; go to Areas of Study. You may also consult for information about how SMC's English courses articulate with California universities and colleges. Please note that:

  • English 1 satisfies the English requirement for the AA degree.
  • The following courses may be taken to satisfy the Global Studies requirement for the AA degree:
    • English 9: Literature of California
    • English 10: Ethnic Literature of the U.S.
  • English 39: Images of Women in Literature may be taken to satisfy the AA degree in Women's Studies.