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Table of Contents

English 1

Reference | Mechanics & style | OWLs | Writing in cyberspace | Library research & searching the Web

English 2 and Beyond
 General | American studies & literature | British & European literatures | Classical literatures | Journals

Teaching resources
 Online courses, materials & examples | Schools, organizations, archives & journals


English 1 <top>


Search the
King James Bible

Library of Congress search site

Roget's Thesaurus

Bartelby Electronic Texts

MLA-style citation of electronic sources
(Janice Walker, U. Florida)

Resources for Writers
and Writing Instructors

French-English Dictionary
(U of

A Beginner's Guide

 Works Cited Help

Mechanics & style<top>

Jack Lynch's Grammar
& Style Notes

A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms
with Examples

OWLs (Online Writing Labs)<top>

Writing at the
University of Toronto

The Purdue University
On-line Writing Lab (OWL)

Writing in Cyberspace<top>

A Beginner's Guide to HTML

Composition in Cyberspace

Library research & searching the Web<top>

Library Research:
A Hypertext Guide

The Internet
Public Library

Argus Clearinghouse ||
Internet reseach library


Yahoo "search engine" page



Literary Resources on the Net


English Two and Beyond <top>

General cultural & literary resources

Voice of the Shuttle
UCSB's HUGE humanities web site

The English Server at Carnegie Mellon University --a required pilgrimage

Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought (U. Colorado)

Literary Resources on the Net

The Internet Classics Archive (MIT)

Languages &Literature Resources
(Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Libweb: Library Servers via WWW

LSU's Libraries Webliography

BBC In Our Time Archive

Search the Koran

Art History Resources on the Web

ElectronicTheses & Dissertations in the Humanities

American studies & literatures <top>

American StudiesWeb (Georgetown)
a one-stop resource center

Modern & Contemporary American Poetry

California Heritage | Digital Image Access Project


British & European literatures <top>

Exemplaria, A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Renascence Editions: English Works 1477-1799

MIT's Complete Works of Shakespeare

British Poetry 1780-1910:
a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions

Milton texts on the Net

The William Blake Archive
(U of Virginia, Charlottesville)

The Complete Writings and Pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti:
A Hypermedia Research Archive

The William Morris Homepage

The Modern Word


Classical literatures <top>

The Perseus Project: An Evolving Digital Library
on Ancient Greece & Rome

Encyclopedia Mythica: 
Mythology, folklore, legends, and more...

The Internet Classics Archive (MIT)

Electronic Resources for Classicists:
The Second Generation
(UC Irvine)

St. Augustine on the Internet

A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms
with Examples

Journals <top>

Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in
Medieval and Renaissance Studies

English Literary History (Johns Hopkins)


Columbia Journalism Review

Teaching resources & organizations <top>

Online courses, materials & examples

SMC English Program Review Report

Harvard Writing Center

Santa Rosa Community College
Online course materials & project information

Classes Using WWW at U. Oregon

Syllabi and Other Course Materials
for Literature Courses

O'Donnell's "New Tools for Teaching"

CSU Northridge's Online Courses (Spring, 1997)

CSUN's Web Course Project

American Studies Crossroads Project (Georgetown),
in particular their Technology & Learning page and
"So, What Can I do With It?: Using Technology
to Teach American Culture and History"

The Electronic Archives for
Teaching the American Literatures


World Lecture Hall:
Worldwide links to faculty teaching online courses

Lecture Hall @ UT Austin
Texans online

Schools, organizations, archives & journals <top>

FACCC (California)
For the latest in community college news & analysis

Alliance for Computers & Writing  links

The CMC Studies Center (Computer-mediated Communications)

Networked Writing Environment
@ University of Florida


R H E T N E T:
a cyberjournal for rhetoric and writing