Welcome to the English department, where courses in reading, writing, literature, and creative writing support students in developing critical thinking and articulate expression—skills essential for engaged global citizenship. Whatever academic and professional goals students may choose, strong language skills are necessary for success and participation. The English department's diverse course offerings offer many benefits to students:

Reading courses help students to expand their vocabularies and meet the challenges of college study.

Writing courses guide them to be more thoughtful, curious, and confident writers and researchers. 

Literature survey courses in American, English, world, Asian, Afro-American, and ethnic literature reveal major themes and motifs in cultures both ancient and modern so that students can appreciate the diversity and rich inter-relatedness of the human family. 

Creative writing courses allow students to discover their voices and explore their imaginations through writing their own ​poetry and literature. 

​Transfer Opportunities and Requirements​

Studying English literature empowers students to pursue a wide variety of career paths and professions. SMC does not currently offer a degree in English literature, but students can complete many of their literature and general education requirements at SMC before transferring to a four-year institution​ that does have an English major. Students who wish to pursue an eventual bachelor's degree in English literature should therefore work towards obtaining an Associate in Arts (AA) degree by completing the requirements for either the Liberal Arts major or the General Science major. Additional graduation requirements for the AA degree are listed in the Academics section of the SMC catalog; go to Areas of Study. You may also consult ASSIST.org for information about how SMC's English courses articulate with California universities and colleges. 

While they are completing their Associate in Arts degree at SMC, students who wish to transfer to and study English literature at a specific four-year university should make sure to select courses that are required and accepted for the major by that institution. The UC's and CSU's have different foreign language requirements for literature majors, and specific schools have different requirements for literary survey classes. Students should consult with a counselor and the websites of their target schools to ensure a quick and smooth transfer process. 

English courses also fulfill important requirements for non-literature majors. English 1 satisfies the English requirement for the AA degree. The Global Studies requirement for the AA degree can be fulfilled by either English 9: Literature of California or English 10: Ethnic Literature of the U.S. English 39: Images of Women in Literature may be taken to satisfy the AA degree in Women's Studies.

Potential Career Options

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Job Title Typical Education Median Wage
Elementary School Teachers Bachelor's Degree $79,972
Middle School Teachers Bachelor's Degree $72,175
Secondary School Teachers Bachelor's Degree $80,056
Librarians Bachelor's Degree $76,960
Budget Analysts Bachelor's Degree $90,293
Reporters and Correspondents Bachelor's Degree $46,308
Editors Bachelor's Degree $60,646
Technical Writers Bachelor's Degree $78,028
Copy Writers Bachelor's Degree $52,227
Poets, Lyricists and Creative Writers Bachelor's Degree $52,227
Desktop Publishers Associate degree $53,830
Proofreaders and Copy Markers Bachelor's Degree $36,392