Find Out Which English Class Is Best For You

After you apply to become a student at Santa Monica College, an email will be sent to you informing you which English class you have been placed into based on your GPA and/or a placement tool. You should check your SMC email and Corsair Connect for placement status updates. In the meantime, please explore the information below about different English course options for entering students and additional details about popular support courses. 

How do I check my placement status in Corsair Connect?

  1. Login to Corsair Connect.

  2. From the menu on the left side, click Enrollment Services, then Student Records.

  3. Click Placement History. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your results in a PDF.

English Classes for Entering Students

You will enroll in the appropriate course based on the placement information provided to you after you submit your student application. Below are the options that you may be given.

  • English 1 
    This is the traditional 3-unit transfer level course. Students who have strong writing and reading comprehension skills and good study habits will most likely be successful in this course. This a faster-paced course that offers less time in class for face-to-face support. 

  • English 1 + English 28
    This is English 1 (3 units) paired with English 28 (2 units), for a total 5-unit class. It is taught as one class, with the same professor, same students, and the same room.  Think of it as English 1 with extra support—more time with your professor, more time in the classroom to practice the skills you will learn, and a curriculum to support students who would like to do well in their first college-level English class.

  • English 20
    This is a 5-unit preparatory course for students who want to strengthen their academic writing and reading skills necessary for success in a college-level English course, like English 1 or English 1+28. This class is a good option if you are far removed from any English work in high school or have struggled with written English or with reading comprehension. Students selecting this class would take English 20 in the first semester and then English 1 or English 1 + English 28 in the second semester.

Why should I have to take English 1 with English 28 instead of just English 1 by itself?

Taking English 1 with English 28 means having incredible support and guidance as you face the rigors of 6,000 words of college-level writing, including an 8-10 page research paper, and plenty of college-level reading. All sections of English 1 with English 28 include a small class size of 25 students and highly supportive professors, so a student in English 1 with English 28 will be in an excellent position to do well in English 1.

How do I enroll in English 1 with English 28?

Look for English 1 in the schedule of classes, and then scroll through the English 1 sections until you see "Co-enrollment: English 1 with English 28." You should now see many pairs of English 1 with English 28. Pick your paired section and then use the section numbers to enroll. Corsair Connect will require you to enroll in both sections—English 1 and English 28. You cannot enroll in one but not the other. See this PDF Fileexample from the Summer 2018 schedule.

What other classes can I take to help me succeed in English?

  • English 23: Intermediate Reading and Vocabulary
    This course is designed to improve the reading skills necessary for college success and it helps develop vocabulary. 

  • English 24: Grammar Review
    This course is an intensive review of grammar for students who want to increase their understanding of English fundamentals and reduce grammatical errors in their writing.