Training Tips

  • Use Ultimate Speed Reader at least two or three times per week.

  • Spend about thirty minutes for each session.

  • Begin each session by spending five minutes practicing the Warm-Up activities.

  • End each session by reading from Paced or Timed Reading activities.

The goal of each activity of Ultimate Speed Reader

Reading Warm-Ups

  • To help you develop quicker perception and better peripheral vision.

Eye Movement

  • To train you to see groups of words at a single glance and to keep your eyes moving along efficiently.

Newspaper Reading

  • To train you to use your peripheral vision to read material in columns.

Paced Reading

  • To practice reading relatively long passages at a preset rate. The computer turns the pages for you.

Timed Reading

  • To practice reading at your own pace; you turn your own pages.

Eye Max Game

  • To sharpen your perception. Focus on the center picture and find the one surrounding picture that is the same. Three of the four surrounding objects are different. Find the one that matches the one in the middle.

Table of Contents


  1. Becoming an Entrepreneur
  2. Corporate Referee
  3. Decline and Fall of the Edsel
  4. Disney's Success
  5. Lousy First Half
  6. Road Show
  7. Sabbaticals


  1. Hollywood's Everyman
  2. Insights of a Cartoonist
  3. John Wayne: An American Image
  4. Powerful Second Wind of the Force
  5. Steven Speilberg, Movie Maker Extraordinaire
  6. Twisters, Monkeys, and Melting, Oh My!


  1. Creativity
  2. Daydreaming
  3. Getting a Good Night's Sleep
  4. Making the Most of Your Time
  5. Workaholics
  6. Your Attention Please


  1. Christmas in July
  2. Computer-Age Orange
  3. Electric Vehicles
  4. High-Tech Dentistry
  5. The Hubble Space Telescope
  6. Hurricanes
  7. The Internet and Your Television
  8. Lasers
  9. Moon Mission
  10. Prints
  11. Technology in Education


  1. Babe
  2. Blue Blazers
  3. Everest
  4. Extreme Skiing
  5. Fast Four
  6. For Kicks
  7. The Frozen Game
  8. Good Body, Big Head
  9. Ice Princess
  10. Mary Lou Retton--Gymnast Extraordinaire
  11. Polar Bears
  12. Susan Butcher--Champion of the Iditarod
  13. Too Good to be True

Reading Techniques

  1. Average Reading Rate
  2. Avoiding Inner Speech
  3. Avoiding Regression
  4. Critical Reading
  5. The Efficient Reader
  6. Eye Movements
  7. Flow of Meaning
  8. The Inefficient Reader
  9. Peripheral Vision
  10. Reading Flexibility
  11. Reading Speeds
  12. Skimming


  1. Barnum's Ballyhoo
  2. Dr. Dorsey, Medicine Woman
  3. George Washington Carver
  4. Milk for the Masses
  5. One Woman
  6. Power by Parachute
  7. The Real McCoy
  8. A Real Rebel
  9. Role Models from the Past
  10. An Uncommon Inventor

Human Interest

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Bells Are Ringing
  3. The Bermuda Triangle
  4. Conquistador
  5. Master Spy
  6. Mata Hari
  7. Oreo Run
  8. A Running People
  9. Romantic Russian
  10. St. Bernards
  11. Voyage of Tradition

Literature (by author and title)

    • Alden, W. L.
      Mr. Simpkin's Downfall
    • Andersen, Hans Christian
      A Question of Imagination
    • Anderson, Sherwood
      The Egg
    • Austen, Jane
      Pride and Prejudice
      Sense and Sensibility
    • Barrie, J. M.
      Peter Pan
    • Baum, L. Frank
      The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
    • Carroll, Lewis
      Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    • Defoe, Daniel
      The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
    • Dickens, Charles
      A Christmas Carol
      Great Expectations
    • Franklin, Benjamin
      The Whistle
    • Gilbert, Henry
      Robin Hood
    • Hawthorne, Nathaniel
      The House of Seven Gables
      The Scarlet Letter
    • Irving, Washington
      The Legend of Sleep Hollow
    • Mott, Frank L.
      The Good Face
    • Kipling, Rudyard
      The Jungle Book
    • London, Jack
      The Call of the Wild
    • Melville, Herman
      Moby Dick
    • Shelley, Mary
    • Stevenson, R. L.
      Treasure Island
      The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    • Stoker, Bram
    • Swift, Jonathan
      Gulliver's Travels
    • Twain, Mark
      Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
      Adventures of Tom Sawyer
      A Complaint about Correspondents
      Concerning Chambermaids
      The First Writing-Machine
      Genuine Mexican Plug
      Information Wanted
      A Mysterious Visit
      My First Literary Venture
      Restless Night
      Reverend Henry Ward Beecher's Farm
      A Touching Story of George Washington's Boyhood
    • Warner, Charles Dudley 
      Boy the Destroyer
    • Wells, H. G. 
      The Invisible Man
    • Wharton, Edith
      Age of Innocence
    • Unknown
      The Divided Blanket (a traditional folk tale)


Speeches (by speaker)

    • Anthony, Susan B.
      On Woman's Right to Suffrage
    • Lady Astor
      Women in Politics
    • King Edward VIII
      Edward VIII Gives All for Love
    • Kennedy, John F. 
      Address to the United Nations General Assembly
      Inaugural Address
    • King, Martin Luther
      I Have a Dream
    • Henry, Patrick 
      Liberty or Death
    • Lincoln, Abraham
      Second Inaugural Speech
    • Roosevelt, Franklin D.
      Roosevelt's First Fireside Chat
    • Twain, Mark
      Advice to Youth
      After-Dinner Speech
      Seventieth Birthday
    • Vest, George Graham
      Tribute to the Dog