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In addition to reviewing the information on this webpage, please review the Faculty and Staff page on SMC’s website and the PDF FileFaculty handbook. Other good sources of information include Human Resources and the Faculty Association.

How do I put books on Reserve in the Library?

Go the Circulation desk in the Library on Main Campus. If you ask there, someone will help you complete a form and put the books on reserve. You need to take copies of the book(s) you wish to put on reserve (the Library/department won’t provide these, but the publisher might if you ask nicely) and your SMC identification. Please see the Library reserves policy.

How and when do I get access to Canvas?

You will get access to SMC’s course management system, called Canvas, when you a) have a login created through the HR hiring process and b) are assigned classes.

How and when will I get an SMC email address?

After being hired, Human Resources will send you an email with the link to create your SMC email address. If this does not occur, you may create one at the following link (Email Request Form) provided you have been assigned an SMC ID number.

Where can I get things photocopied for me?

Please send copying to the Reprographics team. You should electronically deliver your copy orders to Reprographics through Web Print, accessible on the Technology page of the college website. (Note: there is a 4-hour turnaround time.)

Where can I photocopy?

All copying should be electronically delivered to Reprographics through Web Print, accessible on the Technology page of the college website. (Note: there is a 4-hour turnaround time.)

Self-serve copy machines in the Media Center on Main Campus have been restricted to 1 copy per original. These machines are in place to assist you in preparing copy ready originals that can be given to the staff at the service counter for multiple copy needs. Please note: Joanne will NOT be able to do photocopying for faculty members except in EXTREME emergencies (and sometimes not even then).

How many copies can I make?

The allocations are as follows: 500 copies annually for adjunct instructors and 1000 copies for full-time instructors. These allocations are for emergency copies only. Reprographics is still the major resource for your copy needs. We have been asked by Reprographics to mention the cost savings to the college when instructors submit work to Reprographics. The cost for using our department copier is 10 cents per page. Jobs sent to Repro cost 3 cents per page. Our supply budget has been slashed and we are spending the bulk of our supply budget on paper and toner for the copier and department printers. Sadly, we have been told that when the department printer in Joanne’s work area “expires”, administration will not approve funding for a new one.

How do I use the copier?

Login with your SMC username and password. Better yet: plan ahead and send to the Reprographics team online for you to pick up on campus. If your SMC username and password do not function, please contact the department administrative assistant so s/he may have your Xerox account created.

Where can I learn about using copyrighted materials?

Check with the Media Center and/or Bookstore.

Where is the Writing Center and how can it help me and my students?

The Writing and Humanities Tutoring Center is in Drescher Hall, room 313. They offer 1:1 tutoring for students, workshops, and some online tutoring for English classes. You can review the Writing & Humanities Tutoring Center, or contact the Coordinator, Joyce Cheney for more information.

What are the opportunities for professional development? How will I hear about them?

There are many opportunities for professional development here at SMC. Some useful resources include The Center for Teaching Excellence, the Academic Senate’s Professional Development Committee, and our own Departmental meetings. There are also two Institutional “flex” days each year: one in Fall and one in Spring. Most opportunities are advertised by email, but you should also review your specific questions and areas for development with your mentor. 

Where can I find the SMC calendar with significant dates such as semester start dates and holidays?

This is the District_Calendar_2018-2019.pdf

Who can help me with Canvas and other educational technology questions?

Actually, it depends on the question: If your question is a technical issue with Canvas, meaning that the course shell is giving you trouble, then you should use the Canvas Help Request From for Faculty. Although there are several methods, I’ve heard that contacting via chat is the most effective. When you do contact them, make sure you save the ticket number for future reference purposes.

If you are looking for further education regarding different technological programs such as Canvas, Turnitin, Prezi, Google Apps, Flipboard, etc., there are a couple options available:

  • Tech Friday, which is an all-day workshop held each semester that serves a crash course for all sorts of current programs.

  • Tech Seminars, which are held throughout the semester and usually focus on a particular topic (ex. Turnitin for beginners.

  • Tech Mentors, who are faculty mentors that are available for help with specific projects.

How do I get keys to my classroom?

Please contact the department administrative assistant to request a key to classrooms and offices. You will need to sign for your keys with Campus Police on Pearl Street (across from the Liberal Arts building). Remember to bring your campus ID when you go to pick up your keys.

If you need a key to the media cabinet within a classroom, please visit the Media Center (next to the library) where you can make a key request. If you are a new faculty member, you will need to complete a short technology training in order to obtain you key.

What are the progression routes for the core English classes?

The following is the current course sequence (English Course Sequence Chart). In a nutshell, students may use guided self-placement to place themselves into ENGL 20, ENGL 1+28, or ENGL 1 or use their high school G.P.A. to place themselves.

When and are English department meetings held?

Once per month, typically on either Tuesday or Thursday during the activity hour (11:15 a.m. - 12:35 p.m.).

If I can’t come to departmental meetings, how can get the relevant information?

The department chair or administrative assistant will circulate meeting minutes or pertinent information from the meeting.

How many meetings am I required to attend?

Part-time faculty attendance is recommended but not mandatory and can be used for flex hours; however, it is understood that part-time faculty may have scheduling conflicts. It is recommended part-time faculty try to attend at least one meeting during the major terms.

Where will I get health and safety information?

Student Health Services offers basic health services and education for students. Definitely take a moment to peruse the site so you have a general idea of what is offered.

How do I order books to be available to my students in the bookstore?

You should complete a requisition form, (get log in from Joanne) which can be found on the Just For Faculty page on the bookstore’s website.

What are my employment rights?

Please review your contract with Human Resources, read the PDF FileFaculty Handbook, and ask for help from the SMC Faculty Association.

What are the performance indicators and who will evaluate me? When?

Human Resources notifies faculty, directly or through the department chair, in the semester that peer evaluations are due. . If this is your first semester teaching at SMC, you will be evaluated Fall term, and you will be contacted by the chair or his/her designee to set up a classroom observation time. All faculty who are due for evaluation will need to provide the chair or designated evaluator with a self-evaluation, teaching schedule, and syllabi. Faculty will be evaluated on performance of professional duties and classroom teaching. PDF FileEvaluation Form.

What other duties am I expected to perform other than teaching?

  • Office hours

  • Order books

  • Submit flex agreement, complete activities, report completion

  • Give a copy the syllabus for each of your classes to Joanne at the start of each semester

  • Complete placement rosters (dates/reminders…?)

  • Verify active roster

  • Placement roster

  • Input grades and complete SLO data

  • Attend departmental meetings when possible

  • Read all emails from the department and district

  • Answer all student emails

How many office hours do I need to do?

You are required to offer 13 minutes per teaching hour each week. For example, if you teach 6 hours at SMC, then you will need to offer an hour and 18 minutes of office hours each week.

What services are available to support my students? (E.g. disabilities, counseling, services for specific student groups, Associated Students)

Where can I get stationery and supplies? E.g. whiteboard markers, pens, etc.

Please contact the department adminstrative assistant. Supplies are usually kept in DRSCHR 311 upon request.

Adding students: Procedures

Log in to mProfessor, and pull up a particular class' roster and click on Faculty Tasks. Under this tab, you will find "View / Request Instructor's Authorization Codes." These codes can be used to add students. As the instructor, we issue the code, then the student uses the code when enrolling for the course. There are three types of codes:

  1. Regular Add - These codes typically expire at the end of Week 2

  2. Late Add - These codes are used for adds after Week 2

  3. Reinstate - These codes are the last codes that can be used, and they are typically given to students who have been accidentally (or purposefully) dropped from the course but need to be reinstated.

A couple of points to keep in mind:

  • Some instructors wait until the second or third day of class to add students because they want to make sure all initial students on the roster have been confirmed or not shown.

  • If your class is at capacity, consult with the chair before adding students.

  • When distributing codes, keep a record of who has been given which code. Once the student uses the code, the name will appear next to the code. Until then, it's personal records that help keep track of which codes have been used.

  • Urge the student to use the code within the day (no later than the next class meeting). This helps you keep your roster current.

Where is HR?

2714 Pico Blvd, 2nd Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90405
T: 310-434-4415
Human Resources Website

Do I have to do a TB test?

Yes. The process will be explained during your hiring process with Human Resources. Please talk to Human Resources and/or the Health Center if you think you might be exempt.

When will I get paid?

Please review the payroll schedule.

How will I get paid?

You will get paid either by direct deposit or by cheque. This will be addressed during your orientation with Human Resources. REMEMBER: Adjunct faculty members will be asked to renew their direct deposit each semester. There is an prompt in eCollege (where you see your rosters, etc.).

How much will I get paid?

This will be determined by Human Resources. Salaries are based on a combination of education and experience. If you have any concerns about your pay, please contact Payroll or the Faculty Association. The Department Chair may also be able to help you straighten out any pay issues.

How do I contact/join the Faculty Association?

This will be reviewed as part of the hiring process with HR, but you can find out more about the Faculty Association.

Where can I park?

SMC encourages faculty, staff and students to use public transportation, walk, cycle, or scooter to work rather than drive. Parking is at a premium at the Main Campus (and at some satellite campuses at peak times. If you must drive, you can see the parking permit details and parking lot map. There is some staff parking in the parking structures, in the lot on Pearl Street, and in the lot at Pico and 14th Street.

What’s a flex day? What are my responsibilities?

  • Flex hours refers to time spent not teaching, but contributing to academic/campus life, professional development, or other scholarly activities. Hourly faculty may not use their paid office hours toward flex credit. Additional hours spent meeting with students can be included, but you are required to list specific days and hours on the form.

  • Flex proposals for adjunct faculty will be due early in the semester, and in spring for full-time faculty. Flex hours are now tracked online, through the faculty mProfessor portal. Please be sure you meet the deadline required by Human Resources.

  • Adjunct faculty must complete flex hours equal to their teaching hours. For example, an instructor who teaches two classes, or six hours per week, must complete six hours of flex activities. Full-time instructors are responsible for twenty-four hours over the academic year. If Human Resources does not receive your flex hours report by the due date, your pay will be docked.

What is a Placement Roster? And what do I with it?

Around the middle of the semester, the Chair or his/her designee will remind faculty to complete “placement rosters”. This reporting tells the college administration how your students are progressing in the class and can open up the opportunity for students to register in their next class. As such, it’s important that they be completed on time. You will be prompted to complete these in mProfessor.

What is a “waiver”? What are the effects of waiving students into English 1?

A waiver is documentation that a given student does not have to follow a given policy e.g. a waiver is given to a student who has been deemed worthy of progressing to ENGL 1 when they were placed into ENGL 20. However, with Guided Self-Placement, waivers will not be used greatly in the English Department after Spring 2019. If you feel a student in your classroom warrants a waiver in their English course sequences, please contact the department chair.

Does the English Department offer any BA-level classes?

SMC’s Interaction Design BA is in the works--and our colleague Shannon Herbert will develop an upper-division design writing course for the new degree. Look for additional details about the course at an upcoming department meeting. In the meantime, learn more about the IxD degree.

Who considers issues related to adjunct faculty?

Both the Senate Adjunct Committee and Faculty Association consider issues related to working conditions for adjunct faculty.