​Physical Exam and Health Requirements Forms were given to you at the time of orientation and links are below. 

All entering Nursing students must have a complete Physical Examination within 6 months prior to entering the SMC Nursing Program.  The Physical Exam must be completed on the Santa Monica College Confidential Medical History Form (blue) and submitted to the SMC Health Sciences Department at the Bundy Campus by the Due dateThe Santa Monica College - Nursing Student Health Requirements Form (green) must be completed by a Primary Care Provider and submitted by the student to the SMC Health Sciences Department, located at the Bundy Campus by the due dateBoth forms must be completed by a Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (OD) or a Nurse Practitioner (NP). Physical exams and paperwork completed by a chiropractor or physician’s assistant will not be accepted.  Please submit photo copies of the completed forms to the department and retain the original copies for your personal records.  The nursing student is also responsible for retaining the original results of their completed physical exam, lab results and immunizations.


  1. Read all instructions regarding your physical and immunizations (included in Orientation folder and links below).
  2. Obtain past and current written immunization records, including childhood records.  Always have copies made and maintain your own health file.
  3. Obtain copies of any lab tests and immunizations done within the past six months.
  4. Complete the SMC Confidential Medical History Form (blue) with your Primary Care Provider (included in Orientation folder and link below).
  5. Have your Primary Care Provider complete the SMC Nursing Student Health Requirements Form (green) - included in the orientation folder and the link below.


You must be currently enrolled and have paid the student health fee, for the term that services are provided.  (i.e. If receiving health services in summer 2018, you must be enrolled in courses for summer 2018 term and have also paid your​ health enrollment fee)

Health Services Center Hours are subject to change, so please call (310) 434-4262 to verify hours of services. 


Physical Exam Procedures​

Medical History Form

SMC - Nursing Student Immunization Student Record

Center for wellness and wellbeing Handout​