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Dress Code

Click Here to Download a Nursing Student Dress Code Handout


    • Appropriate street clothes or uniforms are to be worn in the classroom.
    • Uniforms, only, should be worn to the clinical setting unless otherwise specified by the instructor. Students who are visiting clinical facilities in preparation for clinical assignments should also be in full uniform (as described below) or in appropriate street clothes with the lab coat* on top.
    • Uniforms should follow the criteria outlined below:
      • The uniforms are Landau Galaxy Blue V-Neck with two front pockets and matching elastic waistband pants/shirts.
      • The uniforms are embroidered on the left chest side in white script that reads:
        Santa Monica College
        Nursing Program
    • A white crew neck short or long sleeve undershirt, or tank top may be worn under the uniform. The sleeves of the short sleeve undershirt should not be visible.
    • Only Landau Galaxy Blue scrub jacket may be worn when providing patient/client care. It must be embroidered on left chest with white script that reads: Santa Monica College Nursing Program. The school patch is sewn on the left shoulder of the scrub jacket.
    • The white lab coat is three-quarter length with galaxy blue embroidery on the left chest side that reads the same as the uniform top.*
    • Uniforms must be neat, clean, pressed, and odor free.
    • Men and women should wear undergarments as part of their uniform.
    • White nursing shoes, with or without laces, and stockings or plain white socks are to be worn with the uniform. The shoes and laces should be kept clean at all times. Tennis shoes, athletic shoes, and clogs are NOT appropriate footwear with the uniform.
    • The student’s name pin, required at every clinical facility, is worn on the left side of the uniform. The school’s patch is available at the SMC Bookstore. It is to be sewn on to the left shoulder of each uniform.
    • The student’s photo I.D., provided at Station "D" on the SMC Main Campus, is required at every clinical facility and is worn as part of the uniform at the V-neck or on the right side of the top. Student’s photo I.D. must be readily visible at all times.
    • The student’s hair should be neat and off the face and shoulders. Extreme hairstyles and/or colors, either wigs or natural, are not appropriate. Brightly colored hair ornaments or clips are not appropriate.
    • Male students should keep their mustaches neatly trimmed to the contour of the lip line; their beards should be clean and neatly trimmed to the contour of their jaw and chin.
    • The student’s fingernails should be kept short and even with the fingertips, well groomed, and neat. Students may wear natural shades of nail polish. Acrylic nails are not to be worn in the clinical setting.
    • Jewelry is generally not appropriate with uniforms. Wedding bands, engagement rings or one simple flat ring may be worn. One pair of simple stud earrings may be worn in the ears. Costume jewelry, chain necklaces, body jewelry, visible body piercings, or brightly colored jewelry is not acceptable with uniforms.
    • Students may wear cosmetics in moderation.
    • Strong scents (perfumes, colognes, aftershave lotions, etc.) are not appropriate.
    • Sweaters are not appropriate while giving patient care. Only the Landau Galaxy Blue scrub jacket may be worn when providing patient/client care. However, lightweight white, pastel, or royal blue cardigan sweaters may be worn to and from the patient care area. Multicolored sweaters are never appropriate. Sweaters worn with the uniforms must be long enough to cover the tunic top.
    • Other required parts of the uniform in the patient care area include the following:
      • A watch with a second hand or display
      • A penlight
      • Bandage scissors (5 ½" to 6" long)
      • Hemostats (5 ½" to 6" straight or curved with teeth) 
      •  Stethoscope
      • Protective eyewear
      • One-way CPR mask
      • Notebook (5 ½" x 4") 
    •  A washable white nursing organizer pouch may be worn with the uniform.
    • Conservative street clothes with pockets should be worn in the psychiatric setting.
    • Students who are not appropriately attired or well groomed may be excused from the clinical setting without earning credit for the day. If a student disputes the instructor’s action, the Associate Dean of Health Sciences will be asked to mediate and will make the final determination.

    Non-compliance with the established dress code, including wearing of the lab coat for patient selection, may result in the student being dismissed for the clinical day and/or a statement of concern.