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    Nursing Counseling services

    Nursing Scholarships and Financial Aid Website

    This site provides links to various funding sources for Nursing Student support.

    The mission of the Financial Aid Office is to help all students achieve their educational objectives through the administration of federal, state, and institutional aid program.  Information regarding applications for these types of aid can be found at the office's website.

    Disabled Student Programs and Services

    Learning Disabilities Program

    Center for Students with Disabilities



    The ombudsperson acts as a listening ear, conciliator, mediator, and resource for students with problems involving faculty, administrators, and other issues.  Responsibilities also include investigating grade disputes and other various complex issues.

      The mission of Student Judicial Affairs is to work collaboratively with the campus community to uphold the Student Conduct Code, the Academic Code of Conduct and the Honor Code in order to promote a safe learning environment for students, staff, and faculty.