Completing PLATO Modules

Once you have logged into PLATO, you will first see the Assignments page. This is where you will access the different assignments in PLATO. Below is an image of the assignments menu.

Assignments Menu Screen

There are three important areas of the Assignments page. The Status area will list your progress for a particular module or unit. The Individual Assignment area lists the specific learning paths, units, and modules you must complete. The Status Legend explains what the different symbols mean.

Here is a list of what each Status icon means:


The Locked icon will apear on Mastery Tests. You are allowed to take a Mastery test upto 3 times. After the third time, the test will lock. to unlock the Mastery Test, you need to complete the tutorial again.


The Mastered icon will appear for a unit after you have completed the assignments AND passed the Mastery Test. Once you have Mastered a module, you are finished with that module.


The Exempt icon will appear if you are not required to complete a module or unit.

Not Started

The Not Started icon will appear only when you have not begun working on a module or unit.

In Progress

The In Progress icon will appear while you are working on a unit or module. This icon means you are working on a unit or module, but you have not completed that unit or module yet.


The Completed icon will appear when you have completed the Tutorial and Application assignments in a module BUT you have not passed the Mastery Test. Completing a module does not mean you are finished the unit. To be finished with a module, you must pass the Mastery Test. Then, the Mastered icon will appear.

It is important to understand how your assignments are divided. In the chart below, there is an explanation of the assignments and how they are sub-divided.

Learning Path

There are 3 Learning Paths that have been created to help you prepare for the NLN-PAX. These Learning Paths are labeled:

NLN-PAX Review: English Section
NLN-PAX Review: Math Section
NLN-PAX Review: Science Section


A Unit contains related topics that are divided into Modules. A Unit is indicated by the icon of a folder.


A Module contains specific assignments you must complete. A Module is indicated by the icon of a folder with a star on it. Each Module contains a Tutorial, Application, and a Mastery Test.


The Tutorial for a Module is like a lecture in a course. This where you will read and listen to information on a specific topic.

Application / Lesson

The Application (also called "Lesson") is similar to homework. This is where you will be presented with questions and problems to solve based on what you learned in the Tutorial.

Mastery Test

The Mastery Test is exactly what it sounds like. It is a test to make sure you understand the material you have learned for that Module. In order to pass a Mastery Test, you must receive a score of 80% or higher. You are allowed upto 3 attempts to pass the Mastery Test. After the 3rd attempt, the Mastery Test will lock. In order to unlock the Mastery Test, you must repeat the Tutorial for that Module.


When you are finished working on a Tutorial, Application, or Mastery Test, it is very important that you exit the window by clicking the "Exit" button. DO NOT exit by closing the browser window. Your progress will not be saved if you simply close the window. You MUST exit by clicking the "Exit" button. See the image below to see where the "Exit" button is located for a sample module.

PLATO Learning Module with Exit button indicated