Computer and Browser Requirements Disabling Pop-up Blockers

PLATO is a web-based software program. This means that PLATO will run in an Internet browser. However, only certain browsers work effectively with PLATO. Watch the video below to view a list of computer operating systems (Windows & Mac) that work with PLATO as well as a list of the browsers you can use with PLATO.

In addition, since PLATO uses separate browser windows to run different modules, you MUST turn off your pop-up blocker. If you leave your pop-up blocker on, the PLATO modules will not run. You should always turn your pop-up blocker back on after you have finished using PLATO. See the video segment below to learn how to do this.

Note: You must run Safari 3.2.1 in "Rosetta Mode". See the Final Orientation unit labeled, "Using PLATO on a Mac" to learn how to do this.