Unlocking Mastery Tests

In order to master a module, you must pass the Mastery Test for that module. A passing score for a Mastery test is 80%. Once you do this, a Mastered star icon will appear next to that module indicating you have Mastered that module.

However, if you do not pass the Mastery Test, you must re-take the test to earn the Mastered star icon. You are allowed to take the Mastery test upto 3 times. After the 3rd attempt, the Mastery test will become locked.

To unlock the Mastery test for that module, you must review the Tutorial for that module. In the example below, you will see the module labeled "Making Inferences about Expository Text". If the Mastery test becomes locked for this module, you will need to repeat the Tutorial for this module labeled, "Making Inferences about Expository Text: Tutorial".

Locked Test with repeat tutorial module icons indicated 

Once you repeat the Tutorial, the Mastery Test will be unlocked and you can re-take the test. You will have another 3 attempts before the Mastery test becomes locked again. Each time the Mastery test becomes locked, you can unlock it by repeating the Tutorial for that module.