NURSNG 900, Supervised Tutoring

The purpose of this course is to provide additional assistance to nursing students, enrolled in the Santa Monica College Nursing Program, in order to facilitate the core concepts taught in the courses in the curriculum. The course will assist the student in assessing their comprehension of the content taught in the nursing courses(s) and facilitate the transfer of nursing concepts.  A stimulating learning environment will be created for active communication and interaction among students and instructor. The learning environment will provide an opportunity for students to verbalize their thinking, understanding of underlying pathophysiology and its relevance to the therapeutic regime and therapeutic nursing interventions.

Supervised Tutoring is offered for all Nursing Skills, Fundamentals, and Medical Surgical Nursing Courses.

  • Nursng 1, Fundamentals of Nursing Concepts 1
  • Nursng 2, Fundamentals of Nursing Concepts 2
  • Nursng 20, Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Nursng 30, Intermediate Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Nursng 35, Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing‚Äč

NOTE: You must be an active SMC Nursing Student to enroll in the course through the Student Self-Service System.  The course is non-credit and is FREE.