Program Pre-Requisites:  (29 or 31 units)

Anatomy 1 - Human Anatomy with Lab (4 units)​

Physiology 3 - Human physiology with Lab (4 units)

Chemistry 10 or 19** - Introduction to general chemistry (5 units)

Microbiology 1 - Fundamentals of microbiology (5 units)

English 1- Reading and composition (3 units)

Communication studies, 11 or 35 or 37  - Oral communication (3 units)

Math 18 or 20 - Intermediate Algebra (3 units or 5 units)

RES TH 1 - Introduction to Respiratory Therapy (2 units)​

First Year

Once students are admitted to the program, an Education Plan is developed that must be followed:

Fall Semester 1: (11 units)

RES TH 60, Respiratory Physiology (4)

RES TH 2, Fundamentals of Respiratory Therapy (4)
ONLY offered on the ELAC campus

RESP TH 21-  Physics for Respiratory Care (3)*

*Physics 12 (3) may be taken in lieu of RT 21

Spring Semester 2: (7 units)

RES TH 30, Adult Critical Care Monitoring and Diagnostics (3)

RES TH 70, Respiratory Pathophysiology (4)

Second Year

All Respiratory Therapy coursework from this point on in the program is on the ELAC campus, except for RES TH 29 which is also offered at SMC. These courses are transferred back to SMC upon program completion and applied toward the SMC Associate Degree requirements.

Summer Session 3: (4 units)

RESP TH 15, Introduction to Clinical Experience  (4)

Fall Semester 4: (11 units)

RESP TH 3, Applications of Respiratory and Clinical Experience I (5)

RESP TH 4, Applications of Respiratory and Clinical Experience II (5)

RESP TH 27, Physician Respiratory Care Clinical Rounds I (1)

Winter Session 5: (4 unit)

RES TH 29, Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Therapy (4)

Spring Semester 6: (11 units)

RESP TH 5, Applications of Respiratory and Clinical Experience III (5)

RESP TH 11, Applications of Respiratory and Clinical Experience IV​ (5)

RESP TH 28, Physician Respiratory Care Clinical Rounds  II (1)

All program RT courses must be completed with a “C” grade or better to meet the CA Respiratory Care Board Licensure requirements.

Physiology and M​icrob​iology must be completed within the last 7 years at time of entry into RT Program.

Students must obtain an Associate Degree from Santa Monica College upon completion of the program requirements, in order to meet minimum CA licensure requirements.