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Santa Monica College|Academic Programs|Life Sciences|Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty and Staff Directory

Life Sciences Department Faculty and Staff
Updated July 2013
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Instructor Name
Phone number
Email address
Kay Azuma SCI 280 434-4784
Garen Baghdasarian SCI 261 434-8222
Ellen Baker SCI 268 434-4764
Mary Bober SCI 281 434-3140
Alfred Buchanan SCI 286 434-4770
Thomas Chen SCI 271 434-3515
Mary Colavito 
SCI 285 434-4710
Margie Dell SCI 276 434-3525
Gabriel Gartner SCI 267 434-3979
Cynthia Gonzalez SCI 284 434-4656
Sandra Hutchinson SCI 287 434-4885
Oriana Kim-Rajab SCI 262 434-3141
Lucy Kluckhohn SCI 271 434-4713
Valerie Narey SCI 277 434-4430
Lyle Nichols SCI 289 434-3528
Yvonne Ortega SCI 277 434-8740
Poliana Raymer SCI-289 434-4716
Mary Lynne Stephanou SCI 264 434-4715
Alexandra Tower SCI 287 434-4888
Dawn Vaughn SCI 265 434-3974
Christina von der Ohe SCI 261 434-4662
Paul B. Wissmann SCI 267 434-4051
Instructor Name Office Phone number Email address
​Coco Cabrel
Vicente O. Cassano   434-8876
Gary C. Covitt
Sheila L. Fennoy   434-8431
David J. Fickbohm   434-8454
Steve A. Fink
Anthony Friscia
Jack Fry SCI 264 434-4024 
Elizabeth Hennessey
Brian J. Hill   434-4205
Jacki L. Houghton
Sanjay Jayachandran
​Jana Johnson
Elizabeth A. Jordan
Benjamin Kag
Julie Kanjanapangka
Michelle K. Le   434-8885
Maria G. Ledezma
Stephen P. Londe
Sharani McLaughlin   434-8629
Jamie E. Mercer
Julie R. Miller
John L. Moss   434-3995
Robert Nelson
Deborah S. Novak   434-8407
Anand Patel
Evan Pepper
William "Bill" M. Price SCI 288 434-4514
Dona-Rae Richwine   434-8137
Nels S. Rinden   434-4049
Rafael Romero
Mansour Rostami
Dorna S. Sakurai
Zorica Scuric   434-8648
James Skydell
Lareen Smith
Marci Spiegler SCI 288 434-8674
Gail B. Stafsky   434-4050
Ann M. Valle
Patricia Zuk   434-4664
Name Office Phone number Email address
Gonzalo Cabrera SCI 202 434-3521
Mark Oliva SCI 125 434-4282
Johnnie Kurokawa SCI 202 434-4281
Felix Ma SCI 226 434-4714
Doug Allan
Bob Armacost
Harry Bauer
J. Stanley Brode
Denise Cavener
Alice Chew
Jack Fry
Charles Green
Kent Hodson
Mark Hoffmann
William Kinch
Harvey Kirk
Ruth Logan
George Pride
Walter Sakai
Robert Silverman
Max Silvernale
Muriel Svec
Edward Tarvyd
Jerry Ward