Majors Biology Description and Goals

The Majors biology program is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a wide range of biology subdisciplines.  It is a three-course lecture and laboratory sequence and includes Biology 21, Cell Biology; Biology 22, Genetics and Molecular Biology; and Biology 23, Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology.  The goal is to prepare biology majors students, including pre-health professional students, so  that they are able to transfer and succeed in upper division biology courses at prestigious colleges and universities.  The group of three courses are geared to transfer to most of the major California universities, including the University of California, California State Universities, USC, and more.  The courses are considered a package, as they emphasize progressive development of critical thinking skills for applying concepts and analyzing and interpreting scientific data.  Thus, we emphasize that students take these courses in sequence.

Scheduling of Biology majors courses:  One of the problems that students have is fitting these three courses into their schedule along with their pre-requisites, as well as their math, chemistry, physics, and general education course work.  The following is the present annual pattern of our offerings.




Fall Semester

Winter Intersession Spring Semester Summer Intersession
Biology 21 4 sections 4 sections
Biology 22 2 sections 2 sections
Biology 23 1 section 2 sections


The specific time offerings for each class can be found in the SMC Schedule of Classes (see smc resources on the top right side).