Description and Goals

Our Non-majors biology program offers a wide range of courses with and without laboratory sections.  Our principal course is Biology 3, Fundamentals of Biology with a lab.  We also offer a number of other courses that will fulfill General Education requirements.  These are Biology 2, Human Biology without a lab; Biology 9, Environmental Biology without a lab; Botany 1, General Botany with a lab;  Botany 3, Field Botany with a lab; Biology 15, Marine Biology with a lab; Biology 15N, Marine Biology without a lab; and Zoology 5, Animal Biology with a lab.

Day, evening and a few weekend classes are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters as well as during the Winter and Summer intersessions.  Most courses are taught in the traditional 16-week semester with on-campus lectures and labs.  However, several have sections that are taught in an accelerated 8-week session.   We also offer a number of online sections of selected courses, as well as hybrid sections of selected courses, which are taught both online and in the classroom.

The goals of our Non-majors biology program is to insure that students become knowledgeable in basic biological concepts in order to make informed decisions about issues with biological relevance.  This scientific literacy will enhance the student's ability to understand and reason through the issues of today's science- and techology-based society.