Our mission is multi-faceted and to fulfill our goals, our department offers an array of general courses to provide students a background to make educated decisions about life on this planet and themselves. For students who plan to enter the health profession or scientific research, we offer high powered courses to prepare students for upper division work at the university and entrance into professional and graduate schools. To this end, our department includes five programs. They are Allied Health, Field Studies, Majors Biology, Non-Majors Biology, and Nutrition.

Our faculty consists of 21 full-time instructors, experts in one or more of the above diciplines, plus approximately 35 part-time instructors.

Courses are taught in a variety of formats and schedules to offer students flexibility in completing their academic goals at Santa Monica College. Classes are taught in a traditional lecture and lecture-lab format, as well as online and hybrid courses. We provide a full array of courses taught throughout the day and evening hours, as well as on Saturdays. Other courses include on campus lectures followed by one day, weekend, and extended field trips.