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Faculty and Staff page on SMCs website

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Questions A to Z for SMC

How and when will I get an SMC email address?

You will get an SMC email address through the HR hiring process. You will provide a personal email address and the information about your SMC email address will be sent there. Please note it is best to use your SMC email account for all SMC related business.

How do I access my student rosters? Submit grades? Get add codes?

Sign into mProfessor for most class-related tasks.

What information should my syllabus contain?

Please see the model syllabus for everything you need to know. The syllabus is your contract with the student.

Where and how can I make photocopies?

All copying should be done electronically delivered to Reprographics through Web Print. You can also access Reprographics from the technology resources page

NOTE: There is a 4-hour turn around time.

Self-serve copy machines in the Media Center on Main Campus have been restricted to 1 copy per original. These machines are in place to assist you in preparing copy ready originals that can be given to the staff at the service counter for multiple copy needs. You can also make copies in the room outside of Kristina's office. You can send documents from your office computer to the copier outside of Kristina's office or to the math dept. workroom. The printer in the workroom is old, so please send small jobs only.

How many copies can I make?

The allocations for the above machines are as follows:
500 copies annually for adjunct instructors
1000 copies annually for full-time instructors.

Please note the department machines are really meant for smaller jobs, or emergencies.

Reprographics is still the major resource for your copy needs. Jobs sent to reprographics cost 3 cents per page, where pages printed in the department are 10 cents per page. So please plan ahead and use Reprographics.

Besides teaching, what else is expected?

  • Hold office hours as indicated on your syllabus and let Kristina know if you need to cancel.

  • Submit flex agreement, complete activities, report completion (available through mProfessor)

  • Submit a copy of the syllabus in the math dept homeroom at the beginning of each semester. Directions are in the homeroom for how to deposit and name your syllabus.

  • Complete placement rosters by the stated deadline each semester.

  • Verify active roster by the census date.

  • Input grades and SLO data by the indicated date each semester.

  • Attend departmental meetings

  • Read all emails from the department and district.

  • Pay attention and adhere to deadlines.

What do I do if I catch a student cheating?

SMC has an online referral form that should be submitted in the case of cheating or violations of the student code of conduct. In extreme cases or, if you feel your safety is at risk, feel free to call campus police at (310) 434-4300. It is important that we report all incidences, even if you do not penalize the student or the student withdraws with a W.

Note that when you fill out the form, you may recommend actions including "Referral To Honor Council." In recent years, the Honor Council has imposed sanctions such as limiting units of enrollment and requiring enrollment in ethics courses.

Often students caught cheating will send one or more texts/email messages begging for forgiveness or leniency; simply forward these to the email address

Academic dishonesty is defined very broadly at SMC, including cheating, plagiarism, forgery, failure to observe instructions, and changing answers on previously graded work. Cases of academic dishonesty are being handled by a counselor, Esau Tovar, who often meets with the student and sends the instructor updates on the case. Esau reports to Deyna Hearn in her role as Campus Disciplinarian. If you have any questions you may call Deyna at 434-4655.

A common and perfectly acceptable consequence at SMC is for the instructor to assign a score of zero to the relevant homework assignment, quiz or exam. Also, you can dismiss the student for up to two class meetings. Repeated documented instances of academic dishonesty can lead to consequences including suspension and expulsion.

Regardless of whether and how you penalize the student, it is important to report the student so that a file either is created or is added to. If you do not report the student, then that student has not been discouraged from cheating again in your colleague's class in the future, and he or she will tell their friends what they got away with.

Where do I find forms such as grade change, late withdrawal, time conflict?

Faculty enrollment /course management assistance (you will need to enter your log-in information to access this part of the SMC site). You will find grade change forms, late withdrawal, independent study,...

Admission and Records forms - such as time conflict, petition for special consideration,...

Academic forms - such as peer evaluation forms.

What is FERPA?

Go see the SMC FERPA page for a full description.

PDF File Letter of Recommendation/Reference Authorize Form, please have all students you plan to write a letter for sign the form and then send the form over to the admissions office and it will be scanned into the students file.

  • Do NOT leave graded papers outside of your office. - This is a big FERPA no-no because anyone could access the student’s educational information. Please hand papers directly to the student. Don’t leave anything with student information on it unattended outside of your office/classroom etc.

  • Do NOT RECYCLE student papers in open recycling containers with student names and grades on them.

  • Please USE the locked shredding bins on campus in the media center to properly dispose of your student papers.

When will I be evaluated and by whom?

Human resources notify faculty, directly, or through the department chair, in the semester that peer evaluations are due. If this is your first-semester teaching at SMC, you will be evaluated in the Fall term, you will be contacted by the chair or his/her designee to set up a classroom observation time. Faculty will be evaluated on the performance of professional duties and classroom teaching. evaluation forms

Are there any online resources for mathematics classes?

Yes, see the math dept online resources pages

How do I apply for a full-time or part-time job at SMC?

See the human resources jobs page.