​​Math Assessment Test

Most first-time college students attending Santa Monica College and all students who wish to enroll in a math course for the first time are required to take the Math Assessment Test. Based upon your Math Assessment score, you will be allowed to enroll in a specified mathematics course (or any lower level course, if you prefer). Once you begin the mathematics course sequence, you cannot repeat placement tests and must take courses in sequence.

Are ​there Exemptions?

Yes, information regarding exemptions can be found under Testing Policies and Tests and Services on a subsite of  SMC Enrollment Development.

What is on the Assessment Exam?

Information regarding the content of the exam can be found at SMC Enrollment Development.  In particular, make sure to review Math Assessment & Prep, Math Challenge Exam and Math Proficiency & Prep.   After you have completed the Assessment process, you will be provided with a list of courses which are the highest level in which you will be allowed to enroll.  (You may enroll in ones at a lower level.)

Initial Placement

Depending on the results of the assessment or waivers, a students’ initial placement level is classified as Transfer Level or Pre-Collegiate:

  • Transfer level placements include 
  • Math 2 (Precalculus)
  • Math 3 (Trigonometry)
  • Math 4 (College Algebra)
  • Math 7 (Calculus 1)
  • Math 21 (Finite Mathematics)
  • Math 26 (Functions and Modeling for Business and Social Science)
  • Math 28 (Calculus 1 for Business and Social Science)
  • Math 41 (Mathematics for Elementary Teachers)
  • Math 54 (Elementary Statistics)

Pre-Collegiate level placements include:

  • Math 81 (Basic Arithmetic)
  • Math 84 (Pre-Algebra)
  • Math 85 (Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra)
  • Math 18 (Intermediate Algebra for Statistics and Finite Mathematics)
  • Math 20 (Intermediate Algebra)
  • Math 31 (Elementary Algebra)
  • Math 32 (Plane Geometry)
  • Math 50 (Pre-Statistics)