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SMC|Academic Programs|Mathematics|Math 81 - Basic Arithmetic

Math 81 - Basic Arithmetic

Course Details


This aim of this course is to develop number and operation sense with regard to whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percents; as well as measurement and problem solving skils.  Course content also includes ratios, proportions, and practical applications of the arithmetic material.

Students enrolled in this course are required to spend time each week inthe Math Lab on themain campus or at the AET campus;  this requirement may be completed electronically.  



How It Transfers

Course credit may not be applied toward satisfaction of Associate of Arts Degree requirements.


Barker, Auffman, Lockwood, Essential Mathematics with Applications, Cengage, 8th Ed., 2011

Mathematics Skills Associated With This Course


Entry Level Skills

Skills the instructor assumes you know prior to enrollment in this course

No specific entry skills are required although some previous exposure to arithmetic is preferred.

Course Objectives

Skills to be learned during this course

  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, fractions and decimals.
  • Use correct mathematical vocabulary to read and write numerical expressions.
  • Calculate whole number powers of positive rational numbers.
  • Use the order of operations to simplify numerical expressions involving two or more operations.
  • Reasonably estimate the answer to a numerical problem.
  • Solve application problems (up to two steps).
  • Solve ratio, proportion and percent problems.
  • Find prime factorizations of whole numbers.
  • Find the greatest common factor and least common multiple of two or more whole numbers.
  • Convert between percent, decimal and fraction notation.
  • Use inequality symbols to compare two or more positive rational numbers.
  • Graph positive rational numbers on the number line.
  • Use a ruler to measure in terms of the U.S. Customary (English) system and the metric system.