​Since the Math Assessment is used to determine the math courses for which enrollment will be allowed, proper preparation is important.

SMC uses the College Board "Accuplacer" math test battery to access students' skills in a variety of subject areas.  All students start by taking the Elementary Alegbra test, and depending in their performance they are then either

  1. stopped
  2. routed to an easier test (Arithmetic test), or
  3. routed to more difficult test (College Level Math test)where placement will be determined.

Given the adaptive nature of the test not all students will see questions in all content areas.

The Accuplacer test assesses a variety of skills and in most cases students will see 12-20 questions for the content area they work on. Skills include:

  • Arithmetic: Operations with whole numbers and fractions, Operations with decimals and percent's and Applications and problem solvings, to name a few.

  • Elementray Algebra: Numbers and quantities, Algebraic expressions and Problem solving, to name a few.

  • College Level Math: Algebraic operations, Solutions of equations and inequalities, Coordinate geometry, Functions, Trigonometry, to name a few.


  1. Review the information provided by the Assessment Center

    • Testing and Policies:  Information to determine if you are required to take the Math Assessment or if you are eligible for Waivers and Exemptions (Waivers and Exemptions may be found under the Tests and Services heading.)

    • Tests and Services:  Information on preparing to take assessment tests at SMC Math Prep

  2. Optional:  Practice/refresh your math skills before taking the assessment.

    • Khan Academy: Math - Extensive library of content, including interactive challenges, assessments and videos.

    • Purplemath - Lessons and study guides for Arithmetic to Beginning Trigonometry

    • CK-12 - Lessons on a variety of topics contributed by math teachers

    • SMC Library - Current textbooks may be checked out from the Reserve Text and older textbooks can be found in the stacks

    • Math Lab - the math lab maintains a library of donated books that be used for referenceOptional: Review course specific references link at right under Resources for Students

  3. Go to the Assessment Center and take an assessment: Assessment Center Location.

  4. Review Choose your First Math Class link. You might also want to look at the detailed information found under Courses Offered link.

  5. Register for a math course. It is not recommended that you postpone your math courses to later semesters.

The SMC math department does not endorse any of the paid resources found on the above links.