How do I get a syllabus for a class?

There are two documents related to each section of a course, a Course Outline of Record (COR) and an instructor syllabus. They are very different. A COR contains the uniform standards applied to all sections upon which each student will be evaluated in the process of receiving a formal grade. A syllabus, on the other hand, is the tool an instructor uses to foster a clear instructor-student course communication pertaining to learning objectives, student outcomes, and instructor expectations. It usually includes individual instructors grading policy, exam policy, homework policy, absence policy, make-up policy, and a tentative schedule that gives a framework for completion of the material to satisfy the COR requirements. These are not usually available until the first day of class.

To obtain a copy of a syllabus for a course you were previously enrolled in, please contact that instructor using the campus directory (If the instructor no longer works here, contact the assistant department chair)

To obtain a copy of a syllabus for a future class, you can try contacting the instructor but it is highly probable it will not be available.

My transfer school wants a copy of what was covered in a course. How do I find this?

Send them a copy of the course description and Course Outline of Record (COR).

Send them a copy of your syllabus, if you have access to it.

What textbook is required by my teacher?

For courses in the math department, teachers must all use the same book or they may have a choice between two texts. They also may require additional material such as an online homework access code. The Bookstore contains a list of all required text and supplements for each instructor.

What sections/chapters must be covered by my teacher?

Each teacher is required to cover the topics contained in the Course Outline of Record.

Where can I get sample exams?

Some instructors provide them, some instructors post samples on their homepage, or check out online resources for math.