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Mathematics Department

​The Mathematics Department of Santa Monica College and the Math Lab are located in the Math Complex (MC). The department has full-time faculty members, part-time faculty members, as well as a student support staff which work together to serve the mathematical needs of the students at SMC. We offer developmental mathematics classes as well as the standard lower division (first and second year) college level classes. Classes start as early as 6:45 a.m. and end as late as 10 p.m. We also offer accelerated classes where in one semester students complete the material traditionally offered in two separate classes. SMC offers classes on its main campus as well as five satellite campuses.

Our Math Lab ​​offers a range of free services to current students to help them succeed in their math courses.

Career Options​

A bachelor's degree in mathematics will prepare you for jobs in statistics, actuarial sciences, mathematical modeling, cryptography, mathematics education, as well as for graduate school leading to a research career in engineering, mathematics or statistics. A strong background in mathematics is also necessary for research in many areas of computer, life, physical and social sciences.

Mathematics Department Mission Statement

The Mathematics Department of Santa Monica College is committed to helping students develop to their full potential. Our mission is to provide SMC students with an opportunity to foster an appreciation and understanding of mathematics in order to achieve academic excellence, enhance career opportunities, utilize technology, and develop creative and logical solutions to various problems encountered in life.

To fulfill this mission, each instructor with his or her individual expertise takes great care to present clear and concise lectures in a supportive environment conducive to learning. Students are encouraged to take advantage of various support systems available to them—the student-oriented Math Lab (with experienced instructional assistants, tutors, and instructors) and their own instructors who provide assistance on a more personal basis during office hours.

Serving a global and diverse community, we give to those students for whom math is a challenge a key to unlock the door to mathematics and provide others a stepping-stone to other academic areas. Ultimately, our students will become lifelong learners as a result of their successful experiences in mathematics at Santa Monica College.


Programs of Study


Contact Info

Department Office Location:
MC 21A
Phone Number: (310) 434-4274

Mitra Moassessi
Department Chair
(310) 434-4057 (MC 26)

Colleen McGraw, Ph.D.
Assistant Chair
(310) 434-3518 (MC 60)

Kristina Fukuda
Administrative Assistant
(310) 434-4274 (MC 21A)

Judith Mosher
Tutoring Coordinator
(310) 434-8586 (MC 84A)

Office Hours

Monday - Friday:
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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