The Voice Program at SMC offers a series of beginning, intermediate and advanced classes in vocal technique and performance skills, as well as private lessons through the Applied Program. Emphasis is on a solid and flexible classical technique, which can be applied to all styles and genres. Performing ensembles such as Chamber Choir, Concert Chorale, Jazz Vocal Ensemble, Musical Theatre Workshop and Opera Workshop give students the opportunity to further their performance skills.

Voice classes are designed in sequence for the beginning voice student to explore solo singing and are generally run in a master class format, where individual students have the opportunity to sing in front of the class and receive feedback.

Music 50A Elementary Voice is open to anyone interested in learning about vocal technique and performance. No experience necessary!

Music 50B Intermediate Voice is for students who have successfully completed 50A or have commensurate experience. The instructor will hear students on the first day of class to determine whether 50B is the appropriate level for them.

Music 57 Advanced Vocal Techniques is an audition only class for the more serious voice student. Students have the opportunity to sing in a public recital. Auditions are held on the first day of class. Please contact Dr. Janelle DeStefano x4946 for more information.

The Applied Program offers private lessons for students planning on transferring to a four-year institution as Music Majors. Applied voice students may have an emphasis in classical or jazz. For more information click on the Applied Music link below.

Applied Music Program

Voice students are encouraged to audition for our performance groups: Chamber Choir, Concert Chorale, Jazz Vocal Ensemble, Musical Theatre Workshop and Opera Workshop. Auditions are generally held during the first scheduled class time for the semester. For more information, please see Performing Organizations.