​Have you always played piano music written for one person? Have you ever experienced the joy of duo piano (2 players/2 pianos), piano duet (2 players/1 piano), and piano quartet (4 players/2 pianos) compositions? If you are a late intermediate or advanced piano student and you want to vastly expand your piano horizons then this is the course for you. The course discovers music written for this medium from the 18th century to the present and enrolled students should have the ability to sight read adequately. For the most dedicated among you, the class experience culminates in a public performance!​

​The video below features Yuko Isozaki and Alice Izumi performing Samuel Barber’s “Tango” from his Souvenirs. The recital included many talented pianists from the Fall 2011 SMC Piano Ensemble Class coached by Dr. Yulia Kozlova.