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Public Policy Class Catalog

Last update: 2011-12 Online Class Catalog 8/24/11
Introduction to Public Policy
3 units
• Prerequisite: None.
• Skills Advisory: Eligibility for English 1.
This course is an introduction to public policy. The course covers core topics in American public policy and focuses on institutions, policy actors, and major theoretical models. In addition, the course covers the nature and practice of policy analysis in order to demonstrate how to employ evaluative criteria in substantive policy areas.
Transfer: UC (pending), CSU
IGETC AREA (pending)
Public Policy – Experiential Learning
2 units
• Prerequisite: POL SC 31
• Skills Advisory: Eligibility for English 1.
This course builds upon the content of Political Science 31, Introduction to Public Policy, to provide the student with field experience in the discipline. This course addresses the theoretical underpinnings of democratic civic engagement and is a practicum in public policy in a local setting. In this hands-on course, the student will engage in experiential learning through various governmental and nongovernmental agencies which have a role in developing and/or implementing public policy. The student will develop a reading list, customized to his/ her particular agency’s focus and complete a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer work with that agency. The course exposes the student to organized, meaningful public policy research and implementation in substantive policy arenas and will be supervised in his/her off-campus experiential learning project pertaining to the development of public policy.
Transfer: CSU