Careers in Sociology


Society and Social Life

Sociology: A World of Opportunities

  • What can I do with a BA in Sociology?
  • What can I do with an MA or PhD in Sociology?

Sociological Specialties: Many Paths to Understanding the Society

  • Student Membership in ASA by Section

Career Preparation: Making the Most of an Undergraduate Major

  • The Liberal Arts Advantage
  • Linking to Other Majors and Minors
  • The Value of an Internship and Service Learning
  • Profile: Staff Administrator in a Public Assistance Agency

Job Prospects for the BA Graduate

  • Profile: Human Resource Manager in Small Manufacturing Firm

Graduate Training in Sociology

  • MA vs. PhD Degrees
  • Courses and Dissertations
  • Choosing a Graduate School
  • Profile: Sociologist in a Health Center

The Common Core of Sociological Careers Open to MAs and PhDs: Teaching, Research, Practice

  • Teaching
  • Profile: Faculty Member in a Liberal Arts College
  • Profile: Teaching Sociology in a Community College Research
  • Profile: Staff Member of a Research Institute
  • Profile: Research Director in a Telecommunications Firm Sociological Practice
  • Policy-Making and Administration
  • Profile: Planning Officer in a State Department of Planning and Development
  • Other Opportunities in Government
  • Profile: Staff Member of a Federal Agency
  • Opportunities in Business

Adapting to Change

Sociology: Looking to the Future

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