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Faculty & Staff Directory


​NameFull Time/Part-Time/Other Role​Office
​Phone Ext

Office Hours Spring 2017
​​Berger, RaqaotaPart Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​​Th: 6p-6:40p​
​Chambers, Christie​​Part Time​BUNDY 416​N/A​​​TBD
​​Chan, Melissa​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N​/A​​TTh: 12:45p-1:45p (by appointment)
Chin, Dorothy​Full Time​HSS 388​3542​​TBD
​Chopp, Regina​Full Time​HSS 366​4669​​MW: 5:05p-6:05p
(by appointment)
​Danan, Jennifer​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​​​TBD
​Davis, Teri​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​8265​​TBD
​Davis-King, Donna​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​​T: 6:45p-7:45p
Th: 12:30p-1:30p
Davison, Lynn​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​
​MW: 6p-6:35p
Th: 5:50p-6:30p
​​De Villers, Linda​​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​NA​​T: 3:10p-3:40p

Online Hours
Th: 8a-8:30a
​​​DeLoach, Chante​Full Time​​HSS 369 *Counseling Complex​8434​
​MW: 11a-12:30p
T: 7:15a-7:50a

Online Hours
Th: 2:30p-3:30p 
​​Druker, Stephen​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​druker_stephen@smc.eduOnline Hours
MTWHF: 12p-1p
​Farwell, Lisa​Full Time​HSS 367​4069​​TBD
Graham, Mark​Part Time​HSS 376​N/A​
​Guild, Laura​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​guild_laura@smc.eduT: 11:30a-12:36p
Th: 11a-11:36a
​Gunn, Karen​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​​TBD
​Hald, Lea​Full Time
​Coffee Spot*
HSS 363
​4504​​*M: 2:20p-3:20p
T: 11a-12:30p
T: 2:15p-3:45p
​Lancaster, Molly​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​​MW: 3:15p-4:30p
​Laurent, Michael​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​​TBD
​Loeb, Tamra​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​​M: 12:40p-2:10p
​Matheson, Catherine​Part Time
​Bundy 317Q*
HSS 376 (Lounge)
​N/A​*​MW: 11a-12p
Th: 10a-11a
​O'Leary, Bernadette​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​
(by appointment)
Olson, Gene​Part TimeLibrary 2nd Flr. West End​N/A​​TTh: 4:25p-5:10p
​Pemberton, Jennifer​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​​F: 6:55p-7:55p
​Phillips, Tamika​Admin Asst.​HSS 3RD FLR. S.​4276​phillips_tamika@smc.eduMTWHF: 1p-5p​
​Russell, Rick​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​​TTh: 11a-12p
​Sage, Rebecca​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​​TTh: 1p-2p
​Schwartz, AlexFull Time - Chair​HSS 365​8904​​TBD
Shirinyan, David​Full Time​HSS 364​4911​​M: 11a-12p
Th: 10:45a-11:45p

Online Hours
MTWHF: 7:30a-8a
T: 1p-2p
W: 11a-12p
​Smith-Clark, Colin​Part Time​HSS 376 (Lounge)​N/A​​MW: 4p-5p
​Tannatt, LupitaFull Time
​Bundy 317Q
*Para Los Ninos
​Tingen, Ian​Part TimeHSS 255​N/A​tingen_ian@smc.eduW: 5:30p-6:30p

For adjunct faculty not listed, please check your syllabus for contact information.


Christian Hart passed away in August of 2009. He will be dearly missed by family, friends, students and colleagues.

A link to his memorial website can be found here.​​​​