The Tutoring Center located in SCI 245 provides FREE tutoring for Santa Monica College students enrolled in Science classes.

You can also use your Corsair Connect to schedule a tutoring appointment. Just log in to Corsair Connect and look for the link for Tutoring Appointments, as shown here:



Learning Resource Center Hours

8am - 7:45pm 
8am - 7:45pm
8am - 7:45pm
8am - 7:45pm
8am - 4pm

Spring 2019 Tutoring Schedule (subject to change)​

Anthropology 1,5




​​Chemistry 9-11

9:30am-6pm10am-5:30pm9am-2pm 11:30am-1:30pm

Chemistry 12

9:30am-7:30pm11:30am-6:30pm9:30am-6pm​1pm-5:30pm9am-11am 11:30am-1:30pm

Chemistry 19,21


Chemistry 22

9:30am-6pm11:30am-5pm11am-6pm3:30am-5:30pm9am-11am 11:30am-1:30pm

Physics​ 6, 8, 21


Physics​ 7,9,12,14,22


Physics​ 23


9:30am-1:30pm10am-1pm 11am-2pm​ 

Becom​e a Tutor

View the tutor application. Applications are accepted at any time and tutors are hired throughout the year as needed.

For Faculty

View Instructor Recommendation form. Faculty may recommend students as candidates for tutoring positions.

Student Required Lab Hours

In order to accrue required lab hours, Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry 10 students must present their SMC student identification card at the LRC checkout counter in room 245, upon arrival and departure. If the SMC card is not available, a valid picture ID and SMC student ID number is acceptable.

Students must remain in the LRC or Science Computer Lab to accrue time. Signing on at the LRC computers or checking out materials does not count as lab hours. Staff can tell you the number of hours accrued through the previous night.

LRC Materials and Conference Room

​A variety of materials can be checked out such as anatomy models, chemistry kits, DVD’s, VHS, teacher specific viewing materials, books, microscopes, planetary models, and calculators. The Center is equipped with DVD/video monitors and computers with interactive software. The LRC Conference Room may be reserved by faculty, tutors, and student study groups. Please be respectful of your fellow students, materials and study environment. We ask that cell phone calls, eating, a​nd drinks in open containers be enjoyed outside of the room.

  • LRC materials: LRC items may be checked out to currently enrolled students with a valid picture ID and student ID number. Items must remain in the room. Checking out materials does not count as lab hours.

  • Checkout limit is four items at a time, except during finals or mid-terms week when the maximum number of items may be reduced to allow a greater number of students access to the materials.

  • Circulation period for checked out items is three hours. A fine of $0.50 per item, per hour is charged for overdue materials.

  • A full listing of items that can be checked out may be found in the Science LRC / checkout counter room 242

  • Conference Room: The LRC Conference Room may be reserved by faculty, tutors and student study groups for a maximum of 2 hours. *a fine of $ 5. 00 per hour is charged when the time limit is exceeded.

  • Computer / Video Monitor Usage: Priority use of computers and video monitors in the LRC is given to currently enrolled science students needing to use that equipment, or doing science related work. (see also the SMC Computer Use Policy)​

Contact Information

Interested in becoming a Tutor? Do you have any questions about our schedule?

Please contact the Science Tutoring Center

SCI 245 (Science Building)
(310) 434–4630