Final Review Schedule Fall 2018 

Supplemental Instruction is a free academic assistance program that offers you help in learning the most difficult material in the course. SI Final Review is open to all students. These reviews will help you with your Finals.​​​​

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Final Review Schedule​


CourseSI LeaderLocationTime
ACCTG 1Kelly & KristinaDH 2084:30pm-8:30pm
BIO 3​​​Ananya​HSS 156​​1:00pm-5:00pm
BIO 21​​Deepna​HSS 203​3:30pm-6:30pm
​CHEM 10​Brittney, Kenneth, Jeffrey​SCI 155​1:00pm-5:00pm
​CHEM 12​Sidney​DH 2188:00am-11:00am​
​CS 15​FrankDH 204​​12:00pm-4:00pm
​CS 52​Demarcus​BUS 255​10:00am-2:00pm
​ENGL 1​Raward​DH 203​1:00pm-5:00pm
​MATH 2​Cassandra & MaximiliaHSS 204​​10:00am-1:00pm
MATH 2​Nikita​MC 04​1:00pm-5:00pm​
​MATH 7​Francesco & Xia XiaHSS 154​10:00am-2:00pm​
​MATH 32Brad​HSS 253​10:00am-2:00pm​
​MATH 50Oliver​​HSS 205​9:00am-1:00pm
MATH 50​​Jason​HSS 105​​11:30am-3:30pm
MATH 54​​Zaakirah​HSS 252​8:00am-12:00pm​
​PHYSCS 21​Landon & Ebony​SCI 157​​2:00pm-6:00pm


CourseSI LeaderLocationTime
AlexisSCI 15310:00am-2:00pm
​MATH 2​Monste​DH 2058:00am-11:00am​
​MATH 8​Filmon Rufael​HSS 20510:00am-2:00pm​
​MATH 11Shawn​HSS 204​10:00am-2:00pm​
​MATH 31​Patricia​HSS 106​9:30am-1:30pm
​SPAN 1​Fabio​DH 204​​8:00am-12:00pm​